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3 reasons Evil Geniuses VALORANT roster will succeed

Evil Geniuses is a name that is not yet synonymous with the North American VALORANT landscape — but it soon will be. Housing experience beyond their years, a talented young squad and the time needed to become more than the sum of their parts, Evil Geniuses is a team to keep your eye on coming into the 2022 VALORANT season. 

What should jump off the page immediately for Evil Geniuses VALORANT roster is its strong leadership. Christine “potter” Chi will go down as one of the most influential and successful female esports athletes in history.

Her career in Counter-Strike speaks for itself. A playing career that stretches back to 2006 and includes a myriad of championships. An active broadcast analyst bringing her insights to events like Flashpoint and the BLAST Pro Series. Potter knows that it takes to win and will have a positive impact because of the way the team has been built.  

Collecting talent from across the North American landscape, Evil Geniuses boast a young roster — in career, not necessarily in age — with tons of potential.

A talent at multiple esports titles, Kelden “Boostio” Pupello has been a prospect in North America for months. As the team’s most recent acquisition, Boostio is going to become a focal point if this roster is going to succeed. Take for example Boostio’s performance through Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championships. Boasting an 264 average combat score (ACS), a +16 kill to death spread, and an incredible 15 first kills across 3 maps against Built By Gamers — you cannot ignore the talent that Boostio possesses. 

One of Moon Raccoons brightest, Nolan “Temperature” Pepper has been a gem pickup in the North American VALORANT space and his flexibility will become invaluable to the squad. “Temperature has been a backbone of the team in terms of clutch potential, brains, and being hilarious in and out of the game,” said Gannon “RaptorZ” Nelson, former coach for Moon Raccoons. That kind of mentality and energy is going to be paramount if the team wants to maintain a thread of consistency.

Another threat Evil Geniuses can count on is former Spacestation Gaming player, Daniel “roca” Gustaferri. Take a look at these statistics. With 15 first kills, a 302 ACS, and 182.8 average damage done per round (ADR), roca has massive upside. Now take in mind that this happened in the group stages of the Nerd Street Gamers Summer Championships against a team who failed to win either of their games and managed a meagre -21 map differential, but again; this roster has incredible potential. 

It’s clear to us that this squad sits firmly in the pocket with a double-duelist style that many teams have found success with. With roca and Boostio able to become weapons in a consistent fashion, and the team’s supporting cast having a mass amount of agent flexibility, Evil Geniuses can easily punch above their weight. 

Last but certainly not least, Evil Geniuses have cemented their roster at the perfect time. With the North American Last Chance Qualifiers happening next month, the VALORANT season is just about to be over.

The fact that Evil Geniuses have moved this quickly bodes well for them going into the post-season and into 2022. There are no questions when it comes to the inevitable roster shuffles that come once teams haven’t made it to VALORANT Champions.

There are no questions when it comes to how the roster gels due to these five players actually competing for some time on a trial basis.

This pre-established synergy compacted against the fact they’re going to have a good stretch of time before the 2022 North American VALORANT season kicks up again, and you’ve got the foundation of a strong, dark-horse pick that can compete in the coming year. 

The potential for this team is high and is easily a bet worth making. Expectations and feelings should be put somewhere between qualifying for a major event, like a Masters-level event, and potentially being a strong favourite early on in the 2022 season.

With some expected power vacuums and team’s whose roster gambles failed, Evil Geniuses have a lot of upsides to break into the conversation within North American VALORANT.

Images via Riot Games.

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