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3 Reasons to be excited about Dota 2 Esports in 2022


One month into the year, there have already been some challenges with Dota 2 esports to deal with — such as the sudden cancellation of the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit Winter Tour Major. Valve has taken a lot of heat from the competitive community for some of the decisions that they have made, and it has made for a lot of frustration from both fans and players alike. Still, though, there is a lot to be excited about this year regarding the state of Dota competition. This time, we will discuss three exciting happenings in Dota 2 this year.

Support for Teams

One decision made by Valve that is no doubt worthy of celebration is the fact that they have decided to provide continued support for the Dota esports scene. No greater evidence of this is with the tools they have provided to fans to be able to support their favorite teams. Just recently, the company announced that they would have a DPC Supporters Club Sale.

With this move, Valve incentivized the support of teams within the competitive Dota ecosystem. It’s moves like these that make for an environment that is more sustainable for the esports’ future. The half of the sale will no doubt drive a new list of sales, as people make the best opportunity to make this purchase considering the much cheaper price. It is a very good deal, and hopefully will point to further support from Valve on such issues. 

Earnest Effort to Fill the Gap

Following the conclusion of the Winter Tour of the 2021-2022 Dota Pro Circuit, no doubt fans and players were disappointed that the Winter Tour Major was cancelled. However, something that was provided that isn’t necessarily done in other games is the fact that Valve still provided a replacement. By most standards, the series of Regional Finals look to be a very promising competition, and will no doubt provide plenty of entertaining games for fans to enjoy.

The events look to be well-organized, have decent production behind them, and also have large prize pools. It will assuredly be a great way for different teams in the various regions to be able to have some of the first markers of who is the strongest. The additional benefit of Circuit Points being awarded at this event makes them very real to the competitors, and there is no doubt that all the teams will play as seriously as possible to win. No one can deny that the competition will be exciting. 

More Organizations Showing Interesting In Dota

Clearly plenty of the most prestigious organizations in esports still see a lot of excitement and value in investing in the space, as teams such as TSM have made the choice to purchase a Dota 2 team like the North American roster Team Undying. Moves like these can only mean more good for the scene, as the support and resources that organizations such as those provide will lead to better games for fans.

Image via Valve.

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