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4 Reasons Evil Geniuses look strong going into TI10

It’s finally that time again. Time for The International 10. After so long, it feels nice to finally be able to enjoy the strongest Dota 2 teams in the world duke it out to decide who is the best among them. 

It feels even nicer if you’re a fan of Evil Geniuses. Going into the event, EG are one of the favorites to win the entire tournament. 

Throughout the year, multiple factors have been in EG’s favor that have led to this idea. Here are the four reasons Evil Geniuses is a favorite for The International 10. 

Abed’s individual development

Abed remains the youngest player on the roster. With that in mind, he has made significant strides as a player. Not only has he maintained his usual individual excellence—including reaching the highest solo MMR ever—he has settled in nicely to the lineup and become a stronger team player. He has a wider hero pool, and looks more polished than ever. The young prodigy is developing into a seasoned genius.

The iceiceice factor

The newest addition to the lineup—iceiceice has fit in like a glove. The Offlaner is one of the most legendary players in Dota 2’s history, and has continued to build upon this reputation since his introduction to the EG lineup. 

Everything—his playmaking, his laning, his teamwork—is excellent. His unique style paired with EG has been a match made in heaven. He’s had some of his strongest results in years, while helping build EG into a contender. 

His extensive history at previous iterations of The International will bode well for taking EG over the edge in this tournament.


There is simply a laundry list of successful results by the EG team this year. Top placements at the ONE Esports Singapore Major, the WePlay AniMajor, and both of the North American Dota Pro Circuit seasons. 

In fact, for the entire year the organization has succeeded in reaching the finals of every competition they’ve entered. They haven’t had a bad result. 

Given the level of experience and talent of the team’s players, as well as the excellent teamwork they have demonstrated in events, this should continue to be the case going into The International 10.


It doesn’t need to be said that this team is simply fantastic. All five players will go down as some of the most talented players in the game’s history. Fly is one of the most talented leaders the game has seen. 

Arteezy has innovated the Carry position in ways that were never thought possible. Abed and iceiceice are two of the most mechanically gifted players around, and Cr1t- continues after years to be an elite level Support. The craziest part? They are greater than the sum of their parts. 

Putting the five of them together is like summoning Exodia. There is such a large amount of experience on this roster that all of the players naturally know what to expect of one another, and how to properly fulfill their role on the team. It’s never been a more exciting time to be an EG fan.

Images via Evil Geniuses

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