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8 remarkable CS:GO matches of all time

There are a lot of online games that became popular with the rise of the esports industry. With this, people are now more open to the competitive side of gaming. Among the most popular games in the industry is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). 

CS:GO is a multiplayer game by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. In this game, players will be split into two teams – terrorists and counter-terrorists – who will compete in objective-based missions. With the thrilling gameplay it provides, it is no longer surprising to know that there are several CS:GO competitions held annually. 

Every tournament produces remarkable CSGO esports matches that fans truly appreciate. It also led to the rise of popularity of some teams like Evil Geniuses.

These matches are popular when it comes to punters who love rooting for their favourite teams. By seeing how competitive the odds can be at Bitcasino, people have grown more fond of seeing what will transpire in every upcoming CSGO match. 

While the games are already thrilling to watch, some CSGO matches in history are more remarkable than the others. These are:

ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 Grand Final 

Cloud 9 vs FaZe Clan 

This match is perhaps the most remarkable moment in CS:GO history. During this time, Cloud 9 has already established itself as a reputable CS:GO team even though they haven’t won any major tournament title yet. However, they managed to pull off a smooth win during this event. 

Cloud9 saved all of FaZe’s championship points and forced the game into overtime. They earned three championship points at that point, but FaZe was on the ‘saving side’ and was able to drag the game up to a second Overtime. 

Cloud9 eventually won the Major, becoming the first North American team to have the title.

MLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016 Semi-final

Luminosity Gaming vs Team Liquid

This semi-final match from the 2016 MLG Major Championship is remembered for Team Liquid’s uncharacteristically weak performance. In only two map series, the team managed to waste 15 map points. This is the reason why some people call it one of the biggest chokes in Bitcasino CSGO esports match history. 

This match is remembered for one of coldzera’s most memorable plays on B site Mirage where he made the AWP quad-kill while leaping. As part of its impact, Valve later added graffiti related to the game. 

Luminosity eventually won both maps (19-15, 19-16) of this game, as well as the Majors that same year.

ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Grand Final

Fnatic vs Cloud9

This was Cloud9’s first of three consecutive finals in the summer of 2015. On Cobblestone, Seangares (Cloud9) and his team won, but Fnatic wiped Cloud9 out on Cache. Cloud9 gained the upper hand on the third map (Overpass), but it wasn’t enough to defeat Fnatic. After 30 rounds, the Swedes came back to win this map.

Cloud9 had 6 map points and a strong chance to take the game to the decision map when things went to Dust 2. Fnatic, on the other hand, forced Overtime out of nowhere. Cloud9 eventually came down as they failed to win a single map in Overtime.

ESL Pro League Season 9 Grand Final

Team Liquid vs G2

This ESL Pro League grand final match-up from Season 9 is still one of the most-watched CS:GO matches of all time.

The first map (Dust 2) was a back-and-forth battle for both teams, with Team Liquid emerging victorious after Overtime. Team Liquid had an easy time on the second map (Overpass) as they annihilated G2. 

After Inferno, G2 won the third map and the game almost went to a decider. G2 had the victory in their hands but Team Liquid’s Twistzz won a stunning 1v3 clutch in the force purchase round. The game went to the first and second overtime periods, with Liquid winning the series and the ESL Pro League.

IEM World Championship 2018 Grand Final

Fnatic vs FaZe Clan

The 2018 IEM World Championships have multiple highlights, including this great encounter. Even though FaZe defeated Astralis in the IEM World Championship semi-final, they were unable to defeat Fnatic in the legendary Grand Final. During this event, there were several spectacular plays, intense drama, and an epic decider.

FaZe started on Cache but Inferno was won by Fnatic after double overtime. After that, they gained the upper hand by securing Overpass. Train would determine the winner. FaZe had one championship point after 29 rounds, but Flusha won 1v2 Ace clutch to save Fnatic and force Overtime.

Fnatic beat FaZe in overtime to earn their first major trophy since the same event two years ago.

IEM Sydney 2018 Grand Final

FaZe Clan vs Astralis

Prior to Sydney, Astralis made mistakes in the Boston Major and StarSeries Season 4 and lost in the IEM World Championship Semifinals to FaZe Clan. FaZe defeated them in the Grand Final of IEM Sydney 2018 two months later, meaning Astralis had already wasted two opportunities to get closer to the Intel Grand Slam.

This match was fascinating to watch because of how it was played out. The final score for FaZe was 3-0, although there was more drama than the score indicates. At halftime on all three maps (Cache, Overpass, Train), one team had a large advantage and the other was fighting back.

FaZe won the first half of the first two maps, but Astralis took the game to overtime both times. Despite this, FaZe was victorious both times. After side-switching on the third map, Astralis had a significant lead, but FaZe came back and won the game before Overtime to secure the big championship and defeat Astralis for the second time.

ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 Grand Final

Astralis vs Virtus.pro

The Grand Final of Atlanta Major was historic because of the match between Astralis and Virtus.pro. On one hand, Astralis was vying for their maiden Major victory and second consecutive major championship. Virtus.pro, on the other hand, was vying for their second Major triumph.

Virtus.pro got the Grand Final off to a terrific start by winning Nuke. After a dramatic finish in which Virtus.pro led at one point but the Danes won the final three rounds, Astralis won Overpass. Also, in the crucial 20th round, Xyp9x won the well-known 1v3 clutch with only 1HP.

Train was the decision map, and Astralis once again demonstrated their toughness. The Poles led 13-7 and 14-12, but Astralis didn’t give up and won the final four rounds to clinch the map and their first Major triumph.

​​IEM Sydney 2019 Quarter-Final

Fnatic vs NiP

For the most part, this was uneventful. When it got to the final maps, things got a lot more intriguing. Fnatic got off to a good start with two match points and two convincing victories, but NiP finally drew level when the game went to Overtime.

Both teams managed to save one map point, but NiP came out on top in the end. Things were then moved to Dust 2. NiP led with a large margin but Fnatic won seven consecutive games. NiP needed to save two match points once more, which they managed to pull off. NiP preserved another match point in the first overtime, only to lose this epic encounter in the second overtime.

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These are just some of the most unforgettable matches that fans have seen for this exciting game. By learning more about these matches and seeing how much exciting they are when being reminisced about, CS:GO fans can be more eager to watch more matches in the future! Who knows? Maybe their anticipated matches will also turn out to be one of the most memorable ones.

Words by: Kyra Jimenez