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A Year In Review For Evil Geniuses VALORANT

2021 has been a massive year for Evil Geniuses’ VALORANT team. After debuting at the start of the year and going through a massive rebuild by the summer, Evil Geniuses has seen incredible growth. Agile with chasing improvement and mastery, Evil Geniuses end the year as a front running contender and the possible benefactor of the upcoming chaos before next year’s circuit unveils. It is high time we stroll down memory lane, recounting the brief history of this promising roster and adding select speculation on what the future may hold. 

EG’s initial roster laid the groundwork for their success moving throughout the year. Starting with a legend from Counter-Strike in Christine “potter” Chi and the former Moon Raccoons duo, Nolan “Temperature” Pepper and Aleksandar “aleksandar” Hinojosa, among other names. The roster seemed to have legs–and their results signalled as much. While the team would hold solid finishes at Nerd Street Gamers’ (NSG) Monthly June and multiple open tournaments, it was clear that there was a lack of firepower that was missing from the roster. However, the spring brought a new coat of paint to Evil Geniuses VALORANT squad. 

With the departure of aleksandar, Ronan “Osias” Jeremiah Javelona, and Claudia “Clawdia” Che, Evil Geniuses landed many of the core elements that fans will recognize today. Past that, potter would transition to fill the head coaching duties as the roster would continue to be formed. Mike “pho” Panza and Brandon “BRANTED” Ballard would form the supportive elements while former Spacestation Gaming duelist, Daniel “roca” Gustaferri, would see starting time as the team’s entry fragger. 

As the weather cooled, Evil Geniuses still remained hot on the transfer market, signing star duelist Kelden “Boostio” Pupello from Team Basilisk. This new acquisition would coincide with their impressive performance at the Nerd Street Gamers’ Summer Championship. After advancing through the group stage as Group H’s second seed behind NRG, Evil Geniuses would go on to topple Pioneers and Built By Gamers, but would ultimately fall to Cloud9 Blue in a narrow loss, 1-2. This would establish EG’s duelist core as a formidable force and something top teams would have to take note of. 

One of Evil Geniuses’ next major performances was at Community Gaming Valorant Elite Showdown. There they would advance to the quarterfinals but would have their tournament hopes dashed by the Pittsburgh Knights in a narrow loss. Following that Evil Geniuses would place admirably at Nerd Street Gamers Open 7, but suffered another quarterfinals loss to XSET. These continuous middle-of-the-pack finishes would cement EG on the cusp of being considered a North American contender. They were good enough to compete, and depending on the day they could hang with top teams, but have come just short of consistent top finishes nearly all year. 

While Evil Geniuses VALORANT roster still searches for its fifth and final member, it’s clear they have their eyes firmly placed on one individual. Jeffrey “Reformed” Lu has been the go-to substitute while Temperature was loaned away to Gen.G Esports for the Last Chance Qualifiers. However, nothing has been officially announced which leaves open the possibility; does Evil Geniuses court some of the talent that is sure to be looking for new homes after the culmination of VALORANT Champions?

With Nerd Street Gamers’ Winter Championships stretching into February of next year, we still have a bit more to see from Evil Geniuses, most of which will be paramount with many of the major events finished after VALORANt Champions. While that remains to be seen, we raise a toast to Evil Geniuses for a year well spent and continued growth for the North American veterans. 

Images via Riot Games

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