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Abed’s Favorite 3 Heroes

It is undeniable that Abed Azel L. Yusop is one of the most mechanically talented Solo Middle players in all of Dota 2. Showing off some of the most impressive performances in the game’s competitive history—Abed is always eager to put on a show. Though he is a versatile player, a few Heroes stand out amongst his pool that are his most iconic. You know it’s a favorite of Abed if the character is technically demanding. Here are Abed’s top three most iconic Heroes.

Xin, the Ember Spirit

Abed on Ember Spirit is frightening to watch. For many the Hero can be exceptionally weak—the low armor of Ember Spirit making it difficult for players to survive throughout the early portions of the game. Not for Abed. With his expert mechanics, he is capable of dancing around any sort of incoming attacks. Because of his top-notch decision making, though, this is rarely ever an issue. Taking all of that into account, Abed is able to find just the right moments to attack, and apply just the right amount of aggression to put his team into a winning position. 

Carl, the Invoker

Invoker is not for the slow-handed. One of the most unique characters in Dota 2, Invoker’s 14 separate abilities make him a challenge for even the most-seasoned players. More than that, knowledge of knowing when to properly use each spell makes playing Invoker a challenging undertaking. 

Abed is one of the rare masters. Like a piano-virtuoso, his hand effortlessly dances across the keyboard—capable of casting spells in record speed. More than that, Abed’s deep understanding of Invoker’s arsenal makes him a menace throughout the pace of the game. Seeing how easily he plays with him makes viewers forget just how challenging the Hero can be. 

Meepo, the Geomancer

Meepo is more than Abed’s favorite Hero. It’s more than his best Hero. Abed’s Meepo is simply one of the strongest Hero/Player pairings in history. The two were practically made for one another—it’s a bread and butter combination. 

The Geomancer is without question one of the most challenging characters in the game to master. Divided We Stand turns an average-skill character into a micro-management nightmare—forcing players to have to handle several Meepos in accordance with one another. It’s a completely different type of gameplay from almost every other Hero in the game, something that takes quite a while to understand.

Abed doesn’t just understand him—he lives and breathes him. With almost five-hundred games played, it is easily his most played choice. More than that—it’s easily his most feared. He always plays with proper knowledge of Meepo’s limitations, and never gets into too dangerous of situations. Even when teams create specific anti-Meepo lineups, Abed is capable of thriving. Not only was it an instant-ban against him for a long time, but it led to some of the most impressive individual games of all time.

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