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Absolutely Genius: Our Favorite Plays From EG VALORANT

Evil Geniuses is a dark horse coming into 2022–you know this. We’ve prattled on and on about how much potential Evil Geniuses VALORANT roster has to offer in the coming months and we’ve praised how much they’ve grown–but it’s time we show you just how skilled they can be. Here are some of our favourite plays that both highlight and crystalize some of their best attributes. And it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start with one of the evilest of them all; Reyna ace, Daniel “Roca” Gustaferri.

One clip that encapsulates how impactful and important Roca is to Evil Geniuses comes by way of one of their most recent bouts. As Evil Geniuses battled against DarkZero Esports in the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship: Open 4, it was Roca who would steal away the momentum from their opponents and put it firmly back into EG’s hands. First, take note of where Roca is positioned and what weapon he is openly swinging into. 

While we wouldn’t recommend folks at home to duel an Operator, EG’s fearless entry fragger does so a number of times throughout this match and comes out ahead. This opens the offence wide open and nets him three other kills–with some help from Reformed’s Ressurection. This 4k would not only secure the round, but it would give the team the confidence and economy needed to take the next five rounds straight, drawing the match into uncertain territory. Roca shows here that even on defence he’s the first to play into the enemy, roll the dice, and come out with value. It’s that attribute that makes this team so incredibly potent and fun to watch.

To call it a clip would be an understatement to how ironclad Mike “pho” Panza is as a supportive fixture for Evil Geniuses. Not only does he duel an Operator and win, but this also leads to him building his ultimate and pulling Roca up off the floor. Past that, his Barrier Orb placed just as the enemy is advancing into the site, he then tops it all off securing the round just as it feels like momentum is slipping away. While he isn’t the most flashy, pho is a consistent element for Evil Geniuses and the placement of this 4k from him showcases that extremely well. 

It’s no surprise that pho’s Sage has seen such historical success. Within the last 60 days, he has averaged 203.1 average combat score (ACS), a 1.19 K:D, and 129.7 average damage done per round (ADR). When Evil Geniuses look the most dastardly, it’s when pho is online and active in the kill feed. 

Both Roca and Jett ace Kelden “Boostio” Pupello prove to be too much to handle in this clip against one of North America’s best, Cloud9. Backed into a corner, outgunned and playing against an overwhelming foe, Roca hits two impeccable Sherrif shots to cut Split down the middle. This is flanked by Boostio’s own accuracy which nearly secures them a way into a round they had no business winning.

Evil Geniuses have relied on this patented double duelist setup for months now, but they’ve been adding more flexible looks to their repertoire. This includes moving Roca to Skye to give them more scaling and longevity during the mid-round plays while also granting them a bit more utility on defence.

Again, this team packs a firepower that is nearly unmatched at their calibre of play. With enough time, Roca, Boostio, and Evil Geniuses are going to be taking maps–and matches–off of North America’s top teams next year. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Evil Geniuses stellar highlights. If you’re interested in catching some of their stunts live, be sure to tune in as EG battles the likes of NRG Esports, Immortals, Complexity, Built By Gamers, and Renegades as they battle through VALORANT Elite Showdown this week.

Images via Riot Games

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