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Arteezy’s Favorite 3 Heroes


Evil Geniuses’ Carry Artour “Arteezy” Babaev is nothing short of one of the most exceptional players in Dota 2. That’s not just referring to his unique personality and interesting persona either. With a decade-long career filled with some of the most impressive individual skill display that has ever been seen in Dota 2—and more than $2.5 million won in prize money, it would be underselling it to say that Arteezy’s relationship with Evil Geniuses has been fruitful. This comes from his innovative approach to the game. By inventing entirely new farming patterns, Arteezy could come into games with obscene amounts of farm, while at the same time being perfectly capable of making impactful plays for his team to carry them to victory. With this unique style in mind, a few of Dota 2’s Heroes stand out as his absolute best. Here are Arteezy’s top three Heroes. 

Nevermore, the Shadow Fiend

Watching Arteezy play Shadow Fiend can be simply scary to watch. His most frequently played Hero, finding an incredible Arteezy Shadow Fiend clip is not that much of an undertaking. On Nevermore, Arteezy goes for CS as if his life depends on it, leading to some absurdly high CS totals. He doesn’t just work as a lone wolf though. Part of the reason that he is able to attain such high farming numbers is owed to the fact that his coordination with the Supports on his team is so flawless. Coordinating with Fly and Cr1t-, Arteezy is always on the same page with his team in order to put them in the best position possible. Inevitably this leads to a lethal Shadow Fiend that enemies have a difficult time overcoming. 

Slithice, the Naga Siren

There are very few times when Arteezy’s Naga Siren isn’t terrifying for enemy teams. The idea of actually shutting him down on her is almost impossible. No matter what opponents do—put him in an unfavorable lane situation, try to take as many early kills off of him as possible, or focus him in teamfights—Arteezy is usually able to find a way back. It’s more than finding a way back, though. Somehow he’s able to find a way to take over the entire game. Even games where Arteezy is down several kills in the first few minutes of the game—he knows how to safely farm in difficult situations and overcome any obstacles. A perfect hero to demonstrate his interesting skill set. 

Traxex, the Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger’s scaling and powerful teamfighting kit is almost made for Arteezy. His laning phase is fantastic—overcoming Traxex’s relatively weak early game to sometimes come out ahead. His item builds are clever and different—making sure the Drow Ranger will grow into a monster by the later stages of the game. And his teamfights? By the time Arteezy steps into the fray, it’s usually over. His mechanics and decision making are just too good.

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