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Best DOTA 2 matches in history

Dota 2 is one of the most famous esports games because of its first iteration. Defence of the Ancients (DOTA), was also widely popular for its time. Transitioning to the more updated visuals and game mechanics only made the brand bigger and more famous in the esports scene. 

With that said, there have been thousands of matches from different squads in Dota 2 esports matches. Several legendary games occurred that marked the game’s milestone for almost a decade.

Looking back at these amazing games will make you appreciate Dota 2 even more. What’s better is the fact that these games serve as lessons for future generations of players to make great plays. 

Which games are truly the best that remain on the minds of numerous fans? Here are the best DOTA 2 matches in history matches in its esports history: 

The International 2019: Team Secret vs. Mineski Game 2 – Lower Bracket Round Two

It was when Team Secret entered The International (TI) with the greatest of expectations. For the most part, the squad seems to have all the pieces in place to be successful. After a strong show in the group stage and a place in the higher bracket, it seemed like 2019 was going to be their year. Despite their best efforts, things didn’t go as planned and they ended up in the lowest bracket.

Team Secret faced the SEA Dota 2 pioneers, Mineski, with a morally depleted squad that just finished off a title run the previous year. Team Secret also seemed to be in command of the second game after a pretty by-the-book one. With a three-man hold from Mineski, they were on the verge of finishing it as well.

The International 2018: OG vs Evil Geniuses Game 3 – Upper Bracket Round Three

This was the most eagerly awaited match of the year. The game concluded with a heart-pounding game in the last chapter. OG won the first game in a flash and looked impressive in the process.

An incredible finish to one of the most historic rivalries in Dota’s history was achieved because of EG’s more teamfight-focused composition.

EG brought the same roster into the third game, while OG went with Ana’s Spectre. When SumaiL’s Tiny began to fall off, OG managed to keep the game going to the end, despite being behind in kills.

DAC 2017: Evil Geniuses vs Wings Game 1 – Lower Bracket Round One 

Two of the most exciting teams from the previous year met again in a manner that none one of them had anticipated. Some of the most intense Dota 2 clashes were seen in this game because of its teamfight-oriented roster. As many as two to three separate conflicts were taking place at the same time.

Since neither side was willing to take the high ground and terminate the game, all of the conflicts were confined to the farm or to the capturing of minor objectives. 

After almost an hour of battling, EG was eventually able to take down Centaur Warrunner’s wall of Wings and defeat the Ancient.

The International 2016: Evil Geniuses vs Digital Chaos Game 3 – Lower Bracket Finals

Wings Gaming knocked both of these teams out of the upper bracket in the North American showdown of the year. This year’s winner, EG, looked good and everyone assumed Digital Chaos was nearing the end of their lower bracket race. However, DC won the first game with a resounding victory.

In the second game, EG prevailed in what might be termed as a slugfest. EG was well aware that DC would ultimately grind them down and take victory if they weren’t quick with the trigger. To get an advantage against DC as they were split pushing and taking tower after tower, they began banging on the door of their base.

Toward the end of the match, the split push began to pay off, and DC began to win bouts as well. DC advanced to the championship game as EG started to unravel and lost its cohesiveness.

ESL One Frankfurt 2014: Alliance vs. Cloud9 Game 2 – Quarterfinals 

Even though Cloud9 failed to win a major tournament during their most popular phase in 2014, the team’s squad maintained one of the most renowned in the game’s competitive scene.

Jacky ‘EternaLEnVy’ Mao’s C9 squad has a history of stunning wins and losses—and the ESL One Frankfurt 2014 quarterfinals match versus Alliance is no different.

For the duration of the game, C9 was denied the chance to celebrate their achievements. On Nature’s Prophet, Henrik ‘AdmiralBulldog’ Ahnberg put on one of the best performances of his career. 

C9 tried a counter-attack on Alliance’s base after being unable to cope with the off-split-pushing. It didn’t work out, and they were kicked out of the competition by the Alliance.

The International 2013: Alliance vs. Na’Vi Game 5 – Grand Finals

Most long-time Dota fans are familiar with this game, and for good reason. This is the first and only time in the history of the competition that a set has gone to a fifth game.

This was the first match that the tournament-favourite Alliance faced a squad believed to be the greatest ever. Both sides’ desire to end the game as quickly as possible was evident from the start, as seen by the frequent use of tower dives.

As Na’Vi’s teamfight-oriented roster began to get the upper hand, the Alliance began to chip away at their fortifications. Na’Vi’s situation was going rather well, since they just had to return to base after completing their objectives. Teleport cancellations began at that point.

At least two of Akke and S4’s communications were cancelled every time Na’Vi were about to teleport back to base. Na’Vi ultimately sank to the ground and watched as their base was overrun by hordes of savages. In Dota history, this game is known as the definition of split pushing, or ‘Rat Dota’, as it is affectionately known by some.

The International 2016: Evil Geniuses vs. EHOME Game1 – Upper Bracket Semi Finals

Evil Geniuses had three consecutive top-three finishes in Dota 2’s premier tournaments prior to The International 7. This year’s triumph in The International 6’s upper bracket semi finals is one of the most memorable and remarkable victories for the squad.

While EHOME had the upper hand in a back-and-forth match, EG seemed to be on the approach of losing the opening match of the series. With the North American team’s barracks destroyed and waves of giant creeps advancing toward their opponent’s base, EG’s last-minute resistance gained them some time.

The time was running out for EG, so they activated their dragons and made one more push to finish the game. EHOME’s heroes, including old chicken, who attempted to conclude the game by split pushing, were mysteriously swept off the map by the North Americans during the last battle, which erupted near EHOME’s base.

In one of the greatest comebacks in Dota 2 history, EG won the opening game of the series thanks to the discovery of the Dire Ancient. As a result, they went on to sweep the series in a pair of games.

Expect more amazing games in the Dota 2 esports scene! 

As you can see, there are a ton of great games in the history of Dota 2 esports. With a lot more to come, you should expect plenty of matches that end in a nail biter. Don’t miss out on this chance and start watching the games live for your absolute excitement and try betting on the Bitcasino DOTA 2 esports match to win a lot of payouts! 

Words by: Vonn Consul