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Brazil still at the top of the Americas RMR

The Brazilian scene hasn’t been as hyped as it was when the likes of MIBR and Furia were at the top of the world, but the Americas RMR Antwerp has shown that they’re still the strongest country in the region. 

The South American country came into the qualifier with a lot more representatives (10 Brazilian teams, 1 Argentinian and 5 North American) and locked in the entire top 3 slots, topping the likes of Team Liquid, Complexity and Evil Geniuses. 

Team Imperial, the infamous “Brazilian Last Dance” project with fer, fnx, boltz, VINI and FalleN made it through in third place with a 2-1 win over Party Astronauts after convincingly taking down two fellow Brazilian rosters in the BO1 stage. Their only loss came at the end of MIBR, fallen’s last org, who beat them 2-1. Boltz and Fer were the best performing players in the team, with fallen maintaining pretty decent form.

Yet, as we saw, it wasn’t enough to get them over the MIBR obstacle. The roster, which is now filled by players much more unknown internationally, performed quite well in the RMR, beating every single one of their opponents with the exception of one, the reigning Brazilian kings. 

Furia dominated the RMR, leaving no doubts in anyone’s minds that they were the best team present in the tournament. They convincingly dismantled everyone who crossed their paths, with Complexity being the only team even able to reach two digits against them (16-11 on Vertigo). They didn’t drop a single map, even despite playing five different ones. 

Their roster was so above and beyond their opposition that they have 4 of their 5 members in the top rated players in the tournament, which is led by yuurih’s 1.55 rating. 

Furia has been on the fringe of greatness for a long time now. They punched their ticket for Antwerp and qualified straight past the Challenger’s Stage. Question is: can they show this kind of performance against the best European opposition? 

Images via Furia.