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BuLba’s ballsy play

In a team filled with some of the most talented and iconic players to ever play Dota 2, sometimes members of the team like Kanishka ‘Sam’ “BuLba” Sosale can be not immediately thought of. It’s understandable—fans don’t often consider the hard work and creativity that goes behind the scenes to support a world class team. Whatever the reason regarding why they are overlooked, though, one thing is for certain: they shouldn’t be. Especially not BuLba.

With more than a decade of experience competing at a high-level in Dota, few have as much wealth of knowledge as BuLba.  BuLba could originally be found regularly competing in inhouse leagues in tournaments in the original DotA—first starting in 2007. In this game he was a very talented player, to the point that even in situations he wasn’t regularly training was still able to make big impacts at events, such as when he helped Team USA win MYM Prime Nations 3. 

There he beat a Ukrainian team made up of several of the players that would later form the iconic lineup of Natus Vincere. There are many aspects of the game that make him an impressive veteran mind. He played multiple roles on several different teams—capable of playing in the mid lane, as well as in the offlane, support, and as a carry. He was famous for innovating Heroes and showed versatility on many of them. 

Just like the current Evil Geniuses player Abed, BuLba was known for being one of the most talented and effective players of Invoker in history. Despite the notorious mechanical challenge of playing with the ranged intelligence hero, BuLba was able to navigate through the hero’s abilities like a skilled pianist.

That wasn’t the only incredible use of a hero by BuLba. He had a lasting impact on how casual players and professionals alike approached using Tinker. His early March of the Machines skill build was something nobody had ever done before, but proved to be a creative and effective way to play the hero. From that point on, it was many times a consideration for players. 

It wasn’t just his excellence as an individual player or the creative mind that he showed for the game. BuLba was also just a really good teammate. He contributed to winning rosters that won some of the biggest events in history—most notably a performance he had in 2015. That year, BuLba competed with Evil Geniuses throughout the year. The team was one of those invited to compete in that year’s iteration of The International. While Evil Geniuses was certainly one of the best teams in the world, several of the Chinese teams in attendance looked absolutely lethal. In an epic showcase of talent and teamwork, Evil Geniuses progressed through the tournament and ended up winning the event. More than innovating the game, BuLba is one of the few distinguished to have ever lifted the Aegis.

Throughout his time competing, he showed brilliant tactical awareness, and was capable of identifying many situations to help lead his team to victory. After competing for more than ten years, BuLba signed with Evil Geniuses as the Head Coach in 2017—a position he holds to this day. His experience, wisdom, and talent make him the perfect leader for Evil Geniuses.

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