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Could An Academy System Save Evil Geniuses CSGO?

It is clear changes are needed to Evil Geniuses’ CSGO lineup, however, the rumour mill so produced a more creative take on how this storied North American franchise can forge a new and more consistent path. 

According to a report by Jaxon.gg, Evil Geniuses is looking to potentially sign amateur Counter-Strike rosters Party Astronauts as well as Carpe Diem while also fielding their main roster. And while this does sound ambitious, Evil Geniuses does have a recent successful track record in doing something remotely similar–just within a different game entirely. 

It is no coincidence that Evil Geniuses has found massive success in League of Legends by scouting for and promoting talent through their own academy system. Someone like Joseph Joon “jojopyun” Pyun would have fallen through the cracks if not for Evil Geniuses’ investment into the amateur League of Legends scene by way of their academy team. Esports as a whole seems quite interested in the idea of the academy system, but Evil Geniuses are one of the only teams to truly put pen to paper and remove any sense of lip service. 

Let’s also not mince words; Evil Geniuses need a strong gatekeeper at the helm for this to work. Losing Damien “maLeK” Marcel as a tenured and successful head coach and is someone that has an eye for promising talent is difficult but bringing someone in with a better sense of the NA landscape might be best. That said, even just looking at the rosters that have reportedly caught their eye, it does make a bit of sense.

Both teams have recently been floating around the same qualifiers and tournaments Evil Geniuses have been attending and all three rosters have had their run-ins. Take EG’s bout with Carpe Diem at the IEM Dallas Qualifiers, Jadan “HexT” Postma had an impressive showing in Carpe Diem’s loss to Evil Geniuses. Finishing their 1-2 loss with a stat line of 63 kills, +9 kill to death differential, 82.9 average damage done per round (ADR) and a 1.21 HLTV.org rating. 

Josh “PwnAlone” Pigue is a gem that Part Astronauts has housed for some time now. Their recent match against Evil Geniuses at the PGL Major Americas RMR was fairly promising. In Party Astronauts’ 1-2 loss to Evil Geniuses, PwnAlone managed 62 kills, 85 ADR, and a 1.10 HLTV.org rating. 

That said; why stop there? Why not explore the South American and Brazilian region for the next generation of talent? 

Investing into the amateur and even collegiate space is growing at an alarming rate and is something that has proven to be successful for Evil Geniuses even recently. As much as it may buck traditional means, Counter-Strike is due for an injection of new talent and that pipeline has been clogged for years. Evil Geniuses should not only be commended for this feat if the reports do prove to be true, but they also could benefit a great deal from it. 

Images via Valve