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Cr1t’s Favorite 3 Heroes

Andreas Franck “Cr1t-” Nielsen is without a doubt one of the most seasoned and talented Support players in the history of Dota 2. With a career spanning back to the original Dota, Cr1t- has in many ways redefined his position, and helped his various teams to numerous titles. More than that, his expert play on several Heroes has been impressive to see—in many cases redefining how these characters are played. Here are Cr1t- ‘s top three heroes.

Mireska Sunbreeze, the Dark Willow

Cr1t- ‘s Dark Willow is a treat to watch for sure—more than capable of putting his team on his shoulders when they need it. It’s a hero so potent in his hands that it has even led to many focus ban’s for him. He is able to show proficiency and strong understanding of her toolkit throughout every stage of the game.

His positioning during the laning phase is fantastic. He always finds the perfect position where the enemy team will try to pull and is unafraid to boldly take that position to deny them the opportunity. His team fighting with Dark Willow is also fantastic, with him traversing through team fights with exceptional positioning to stay alive for the duration of skirmishes.

Even in positions where he may be caught out on his own, Cr1t- has shown the skill and confidence in himself to take a solo kill off of other players. Whenever he locks in Dark Willow—the enemy team should beware.

Rubick, the Grand Magus

Cr1t- has Rubick solved. In fact, he’s done more than that. His top-notch gameplay and innovations with the Grand Magus are impressive to say the least. Throughout his many tournament wins with Rubick, Cr1t- has redefined the hero. He’s been capable of winning situations and matchups others would find bad for Rubick. He balances the perfect amount of aggression to help get his team numerous creative kills. And he has the technical talent to save his teammates from certain doom. Being a great Rubick player is almost a prerequisite for a great Support player. Cr1t- is no exception. 

Kaolin, the Earth Spirit

The relationship between Cr1t- and Earth Spirit is long and prosperous. It is by far his most played character—boasting more than a thousand games with Kaolin. More than that, the results have been superlative with the character leading Cr1t- to some of his finest moments competing. At the Manila Major 2016, Cr1t- played Earth Spirit at a world class level, and helped bring his team to an impressive major win. He even won MVP of the tournament!

When watching his interesting gameplay with Earth Spirit, it’s easy to see why it is so successful. His builds at times can seem very unorthodox—but bring the most out of his toolkit. More than that, Cr1t- ‘s genius knowledge of when to roam and finding advantageous situations make it the perfect hero for him. It’s more than his favorite character—he is simply one of the best Earth Spirit players of all time. 

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