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Days before PGL Stockholm Major, Team Liquid’s coach adreN sits out

With shocking news, Team Liquid’s coach Eric “adreN” Hoag decides to skip the upcoming PGL Stockholm Major, citing that his son’s birth is soon to come, and he would “never miss this moment”. Fans and community figures alike agree with his decision, as it is in fact a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience fatherhood.

Team Liquid now look towards old veteran Steve “jokasteve” Perino as the interim coach during adreN’s leave of absence. jokasteve has been with the organization since 2015, originally a manager for TL, but has since sporadically filled the role of coach for their CS:GO team. 

jokasteve had originally been the manager of TL’s League of Legends team, where he managed, what was considered at the time to be one of the most difficult rosters personality-wise, with rambunctious figures such as Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett and Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin.

Although jokasteve’s name doesn’t pop up that often in talking about TL, he’s been a consistent pillar for the organization.

Team Liquid are certainly going to miss the wisdom of coach ardreN, but jokasteve is a great choice to fill in within such a limited time constraint. TL’s lineup is teeming with experience, with multiple former IGLs, the only thing they need is someone to manage their egos and give them some breathing room to work their magic. Although there will most likely be a lack of relevant review and demo critique, TL is already looking like a formidable team and can always rely on their instincts to carry them through tough spots as they arise. adreN is leaving the team in good hands, but that doesn’t mean TL are out of the woods.

As the gladiatorial arena does, opponents can, and will, use this opportunity to develop strategies against other teams, and then use it upon TL, given the lack of demos they will have looked at in the absence of adreN. We could see teams changing up their style significantly to combat TL’s lack of review, and that could potentially give an underdog a chance at taking a swing at TL’s vulnerable state.

One team which almost certainly could benefit from this would be Evil Geniuses, hoping to prove an upset against several Legend status teams, this could be their ticket to making a miracle run. There are also several Challenger Stage teams that can use this to creep their way up to the top.

The timing of this Major also puts several teams in a tough spot with the slew of changes that happened to both grenades, the M4A1S, Dust2, and the Deagle. With such large fixtures of the game changed through the recent patch, teams are still trying to circumnavigate any potential hazards while figuring out small advantages in the process.

Images via ESL

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