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Did The PGL RMR Open Qualifiers Shed Light On EG?

The North American Counter-Strike scene waits on bated breath for the PGL Regional Major Ranking (RMR) to take place next month. Sat within teams like Team Liquid, FURIA Esports, and Complexity Gaming, Evil Geniuses battle for a seat at the legends table this spring as the PGL Major heads to Antwerp, Belgium. Has their performance in the open qualifier revealed anything or does the new look EG roster still need time to gel? 

Evil Geniuses found it difficult to qualifier through their first attempt. After beating Peaked Silver 3 and DankerMemerson, EG lost a best-of-one to Strife Esports. However, during the second open qualifier, Evil Geniuses would strike pay dirt. 

Opening their second bid saw Evil Geniuses jump out in front with a strong 16-5 win over Big Chillin. Following that William “RUSH” Wierzba was in rare form against UYU in their 16-11 victory over Inferno. Dropping 30 kills, dealing 126.7 average damage per round (ADR) and earning himself a staggering 1.88 HLTV.org rating. Alongside him was Timothy “autimatic” Ta, who while much quieter, still managed a strong 91.6 ADR with a 1.36 HLTV.org rating. 

Evil Geniuses would return to Inferno during their quarterfinal victory over Carpe Diem. Here, autimatic led the team with 27 kills, 108.8 ADR and an impressive 1.63 HLTV.org rating. This would send Evil Geniuses into a best-of-three against one of the Brazilian scenes finest, paiN Gaming. 

Quickly dispatching paiN Gaming on Nuke and narrowly squeaking out a 16-14 win on Mirage, Evil Geniuses were guaranteed qualification to the PGL RMR. However it is how they did it that should excite fans of the North American franchise. 

Goldenboy, Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip, led the team throughout the series as a whole with 48 total kills, a +22 kill/death ratio, 96.9 ADR and a 1.45 HLTV.org rating. Standing alongside him, again is autimatic with 52 total kills across the two maps, a +21 kill/death ratio, 97.5 ADR and a 1.41 HLTV.org rating. With the pedigree both share, it’s no surprise that either of them can muster such performances but for Evil Geniuses’ sake, they cannot afford this to be a flash in the pan.

With that said, looming over them is their best-of-one loss in the grand final of the second open qualifier to Part Astronauts. This 7-16 loss on Inferno does not bode well for the team and might signal some difficulties heading into the RMR. However, this match was just for seeding as both teams had already qualified and it is an online best-of-one, with the core that Evil Geniuses houses, these veterans will rise to occasion come LAN, their resumes speak to that. 

With how fresh faced Evil Geniuses is right now, only one thing is certain; with the marquee names EG has landed for their 2022 roster, there is only potential to catalyze on. In the coming months, we will have a strong read on whether or not this squad can contend or will need a bit more work under the hood. With PGL’s RMR coming next month and Group D for ESL’s Pro League Season 15 beginning at the end of this month, Evil Geniuses’ true colours are soon to develop. 

Images via Valve