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Dota 2 Fans Criticize Valve For Prize Pool Structure

It has been an exciting series of events getting to enjoy the games at the first major Dota 2 tournament of the year, ESL One Stockholm 2022. With a ferocious crowd, excellent production, and some of the most high-level teams in the scene — it has been a great welcome-back for high elite Dota 2 competition. It has not been without its controversies, though. A point of discussion on social media outlets such as Twitter and Reddit — one that seems to only become more frequent with time — is how the Dota 2 scene is currently structured (and to an extent, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well). 

As ESL One Stockholm has continued to progress, there have been more and more discussion points about how the current way Valve and ESL have structured the way is only beneficial for the very best teams, and diminishes competition outside of The International. Thanks to systems such as the Battle pass, The International has been the highest-prized event in esports — several years ago boasting $18 million. Over the course of the years, that number has steadily grown to where last year’s iteration of The International offered an eye-watering $40 million dollars.

While this is great and awesome for the progress and development of esports, many have pointed out that this has occurred in the wake of shrinking pools for other tournaments. Over the same period of time, the Major prize pool has shrunk from $3 million to $500,000. In addition to this, some have pointed to the fact that because of the (relatively) small prize pool, the distribution offers nothing to the lowest placing teams — organizations that still have to pay for all the logistics of bringing teams to these events.

While some have argued in counter to this claim — stating that people would complain about losing the benefits of the current structure if things were to change — but it seems to be a topic that continues to gain traction as time goes on.

However, let it not demotivate you, the fans, and swoop right in to create your own happy space.

Images via ESL