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Dota 2 Patch 7.31 – Three Great Heroes To Play


With Patch 7.31, fans of Dota 2 will once again have to traverse a very different game — testing numerous champions to find out which ones are the best. This is certainly a big one — a patch that will define the meta. One that will most definitely take some time to fully settle in. Some have had new life breathed in them to make them fun to enjoy, while others have been nerfed into the ground to be not much fun at all to play. Already, there are several that stand out amongst the pack as clear winners of the patch. Here are three strong heroes to consider playing in the new patch.


Rubick, the Grand Magus, is a ranged intelligence hero most famous for his ability to copy the spells of enemy heroes. Though he is mostly played as a support and is extremely fragile the entire length of the game, he can still prove to be one of the most influential heroes if he utilizes good positioning and well-timed usage of his ultimate, Spell Steal. 

That’s what makes this patch so dangerous for skilled Rubick players — the will have even more opportunities to take advantage of the Grand Magus’ most iconic move. The current version of Spell Steal allows Rubick players to steal two spells while also increasing the lift duration. Considering how much of a difference maker this can be in game, this will no doubt make Rubick a strong character going forward. 


It may seem curious to have Meepo included in this listing. When you take a deeper look, though, it’s clear just how strong Meepo is for the current metagame. While certainly still a very difficult hero that requires mastery — otherwise you will have some very unhappy teammates — Meepo may just be one of the strongest heroes in the game right now.

Why is that? For one thing, he’s received buffs to his AGI, STR and INT gain. Things like Dig and Earthbind are much easier to use with the lower mana costs, and greater rewards (albeit with a slightly longer cooldown). Many of the other spells have also received significant boosts, making Meepo one of the most exciting characters right now. 


Axe is most effective when used as an initiator, because  his potent disables can disrupt the enemy’s formation and offer his team openings in fights. Once he has the enemy’s attention, he can counter those who strike him with a sweeping Counter Helix that slashes all enemies at melee range with pure damage. Axe’s fighting style demands that he gets up close and very personal, as he can taunt enemies into attacking him with Berserker’s Call, preventing them from engaging his teammates and granting him a huge amount of bonus armor.

Axe is even stronger, though, now. He now possesses the option to stack more armor with his ultimate. This will undoubtedly make him an even more effective threat in the late game. On top of that, he has received buffs to allow him to deal out more damage. Certainly a dangerous character.

Images via Valve.