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Dota 2 – Rise of NA


Following the end of Dota 2 ESL NA Regional Finals, many questions were raised about the future of Evil Geniuses. The real question to ask, though, is what it means for the future of North America. This has been one of the most parity driven periods in the history of the region, and could no doubt mean positive signs in future international competitions.

EG has always been on the top of NA competition, but the path that the team is on now could mean better things for their hopes of winning a major international competition. NA is a bloodbath, and it might be the perfect training ground for EG to get to the next level.

No More Shadow Boxing

Originally, it was standard practice for EG to go into major tournaments without the same conditioning that other teams present would be able to enjoy. While Chinese and European teams had the luxury of always having several top teams in order to spar with, EG basically had themselves. They had to focus on other aspects of the game, and instead rely the most on boot camps in order to be as equipped for international competition as they could be. 

This could be different now. With teams such as Quincy Crew and TSM now having proven that they can take games off of EG, the latter will be in much better shape. They will have to take some competitions more seriously than they otherwise would have. They will have effective scrim partners much closer to home in the times that they have a big international event coming up. Everything about this scenario bode’s well for EG’s chances.

A Galaxy Away

A common rebuke for this argument that the current level of NA might be better for the region is based off of TSM’s performance at GAMERS GALAXY: Invitational Series Dubai 2022. During the international tournament that featured some of the best teams throughout the world, TSM only managed to have a higher placing than Fnatic — placing 7th-8th in the tournament of nine. They dropped out to Team Secret, a team that placed 5th-6th. It looked like the were a galaxy away.

While this may look bad on paper, it’s not as bad as it seems. TSM’s group was stacked with the likes of Tundra Esports and Nigma Galaxy. They actually had a close series with Team Secret. And while Team Secret dropped out in 5th-6th, they’re losing series was against BOOM Esports — the team that ended up winning the event. While it wasn’t the performance NA fans were hoping for, it isn’t the worst news for the region (and EG’s) hopes of winning a big international tournament.


While there are a lot of concerns, NA is right now in a good spot. The amount of quality teams create a good incubator for EG to make their mark once big LAN events once again become the norm. With the list of solid teams, it’s even more likely some of the teams just below will level up as well.