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DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – Book 2 Potential improvements


With the trailer of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book Two — the second installment of Valve’s animated series with Netflix Anime — fans are no doubt excited for the emergence of the company’s investment into other forms of media. The first season was an exciting experiment — beautiful connections and tributes to the game, excellent and well put-together animations, and overall a joy to watch.

However, there is always room for improvement. Considering how much of a success Riot Games’ Arcane was — an animated series of their own — it is up to Valve to see if they’ll adapt their approach to this medium, and try to make more compelling content. Here are three things Valve can work on with DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book Two. 

Stronger Storytelling

One complaint that a lot of people had regarding the first iteration of Dragon’s Blood was the storytelling in general. Although the series experienced a lot of praise in several of its aspects, most agreed that there was a lot of work to be done regarding the plot. For one thing, the series had to work in the confines of only having eight thirty-minute episodes — a big challenge to work in when one wants to flesh out big storylines. 

For this next season, it would be of benefit if the writers decided to take it in a more linear direction. The main problem with the storytelling the first time around is it didn’t seem like they knew what they wanted the story to be. It was too ambitious, and left a product with characters that were not fleshed out very well and a story that was unmemorable. Going a more simple route could do wonders.  

More Cohesive Voice Acting

Another problem that the show has shown is that it doesn’t seem to have very cohesive voice acting. Similar to the game, Valve approached the first season with an incredibly diverse list of voice actors. For a game where you’re only hearing one at a time, this approach works. When trying to establish a believable world, this mishmash was ineffective and came across as jarring. If Valve tightens this up, it will make tremendous waves in letting people get more lost in the world that they create. 

Focus On More Interesting Dota Characters

One of the oddest moves of the series last time was the decision to not take advantage of some of the biggest assets the world of Dota has when moving to the animated medium. In spite of the fact that Dota has a rich world filled with unique and interesting characters, what we’ve seen so far in Dragon’s Blood has been your standard group of humans and human-esque characters, along with some dragons. 

That’s cool and all, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before from your average fantasy series. To make Dragon’s blood truly interesting, using some of the game’s more unique characters would be awesome. 

Although there are certainly a few things that Valve can work on to make a more enjoyable product, there is certainly a lot to be excited about, as the series certainly has a lot of potential.

Images via Netflix.

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