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Dota Dragon’s Blood Season 2 Overview


Within the world of competitive video games, Valve Corporation and Riot Games have been leading the way in expanding the reach of their monster hit games — Dota 2 and League of Legends respectively. The two games are not only some of the most played games in the world of esports, but two of the most popular games in history. With multi-billion dollar companies behind them, both have been pumping as much money into other projects as possible to sustain interest in their games. Whether toys, events, or music, the games have taken on worlds of their own.

Valve broke new ground with the release of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. The animated series was an innovative piece of media for a gaming company, and was a bold attempt by Valve to attract a new wave of fans for their game. Arcane: League of Legends, however, just did it so much better. It has reached the top spot for most watched shows in several countries, and has received rave reviews. With Valve’s series getting renewed for a second season, here are a few aspects Valve can work on to see the same positive reception of Arcane. 


One area that Arcane received wide praise for was the impressive animation. While Dragon’s Blood was certainly well animated, it didn’t receive the same excitement that Riot’s series did. One potential reason for why this could be the case is the fact that Riot made the bold choice to use a more experimental form of animation. While Dragon’s Blood looks beautiful — like an anime — it’s something people have seen a lot of before. With Arcane, though, the experimental style is so new and refreshing, you never want to take your eyes away from it. Perhaps taking a different direction in terms of the stylization of Valve’s series could yield good results. 


Some have stated that Arcane feels more like a kid’s show in comparison to Dragon’s Blood. However, this isn’t a fair assessment. While Arcane does shy away from needlessly adult themes for the sake of having them the way that Dragon’s Blood does, the series still boasts impressive and complex storytelling that can keep anyone engaged. All the overly gory work in Dragon’s Blood did not improve the overall experience of the show, so Valve may find benefit in going with a more restricted approach similar to what Riot has shown.


While this is certainly the most objective of these comparisons, one of the weakest areas of Dragon’s Blood throughout its duration is the writing. While the show definitely had a strong budget behind it, a lot of that can be taken away by the weakness of the writing. It in many cases feels cliche, is it difficult for non-Dota fans to follow along, and overall just isn’t as enjoyable as Riot’s product. While there definitely is potential, focusing on finding more unique angles going into the second season of Dragon’s Blood’s story will be very beneficial for the quality of the show. 

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