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DOTA Summit 9: Playoff – EG winning it all


Evil Geniuses have been involved in some of the most fierce competitions in Dota 2. They’ve done more than compete in them — they’ve won them. EG’s history in the esport is long and rich, and features some of the most impressive tournament runs in history. Whether exciting losers bracket runs or complete domination in all aspects of an event, the teams have always been able to put on some exciting shows for fans. This series will take a look back and remember some of EG’s most exciting tournaments in Dota 2. This time, we will consider the team’s performance at DOTA Summit 9.

Before The Event

The Summit: one of the most iconic events in the history of competitive Dota 2. Though the tournament series hasn’t had the same level of competition or prestige as some of the game’s larger Tier 1 events, it has been an event with a lot of history behind it that always puts on a great show. With a fun broadcast, it’s always one of the most entertaining tournaments of the year.

That was again the case for DOTA Summit 9. With a cast of great panelists and casters, it was sure to be a great event. It wasn’t, however, as though the event would just be a comedy show. There were plenty of great teams in attendance ready to give their all to win the tournament. More than that, the DOTA Summit 9 was scheduled to be one of the last events before most of the teams present went on to compete at The International 2018 — the biggest event of the year. With several elite teams motivated to be in the best condition possible, along with a healthy $100,000 prize pool, the tournament was set to be a difficult one for EG. 


In addition to the motivation that each of the teams had for the tournament, one also had to take into consideration the talent of each of the teams. VGJ.Storm and OpTic Gaming were both strong regional threats, both with talented lineups that were experienced against that of EG. Let’s Do It and paiN Gaming no doubt wanted to represent their regions as best as possible. And of course, Fnatic had a strong lineup, with big names such as Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao, Abed Azel L. Yusop, and Saahil “Universe” Arora. 

The event kicked off with the group stage — something that EG proved to be fairly strong in. What was weird, though, was the sense of inconsistency with the team. While they stomped through most of their sets with ease, they didn’t have the strongest of sets with Let’s Do it and Fnatic. It was a draw with Let’s Do It — the team that ended up being the worst in the tournament. In addition to this, they had a poor showing against Fnatic, another team that had a very rough group stage performance. Even still, they placed first in the group stage, and went into the winners Bracket. 

The roster’s performance in the playoffs was proof of EG’s ability to turn it on when it matters most. Despite VGJ.Storm posting a similar record to them in the group stage, EG absolutely destroyed them in the Upper Bracket Final — cleaning them 2-0. It was the Grand Final, however, that was most special, with EG defeating Fnatic (the team that swept them 2-0 earlier) 3-0 to win the event. While not the biggest event, DOTA Summit 9 was no doubt a memorable victory for EG. 

Images via Valve.