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DPC NA Week 3: Dicey start for EG


With the year of exciting Dota 2 matches coming to a close, a new era of Evil Geniuses gameplay is upon us. With an exciting new team featuring some very promising additions — that of the veteran champion Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka and talented prodigy Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko — EG looks to make a major impact going into next year. Obviously, though, it is going to take some time to hone their teamwork. Their first major test is at the DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division I. Facing off against some of the best talent the region has to offer, it will give us the first peek at what kind of team this new iteration of EG will be. We will take a look every week to see how EG is doing. We present to you Week 3. 


It was a difficult week for EG, but in many ways it looks strong for them. They’re on the right track to continue improving to be one of the strongest teams in the world. Quincy Crew once again had a fairly strong week, with a decent 2-1 victory over Wildcard Gaming. 4 Zoomers also did well, as they swept simply TOOBASED in their only set of the week. Arkosh Gaming also began to heat up as a team, defeating Black N Yellow 2-1, and winning their first series of the tournament. Team Undying did not play a game this week, and remain undefeated in their games currently. EG did not have the strongest start of the week, as they fell 2-0 to Wildcard Gaming. EG learned from this defeat and responded in kind — sweeping simply TOOBASED to finish off the week. 

Points to Note from the Series

While at first glance there are many aspects of this week that may lead one to consider EG a faltering team, there are still numerous signs that this is actually a positive change. For one thing, their loss to Wildcard Gaming shows the rising strength of the NA region. It is clear that Wildcard Gaming has definitely improved significantly as a team, taking into consideration their ability to take off a game from Quincy Crew. NA is no longer a region that EG can step over completely, as there are now numerous strong teams that they will have to contend with. As they continue competing, this is exactly the type of conditioning they needed. 

In addition to this, one thing to note that was very impressive on EG’s part was to be able to play under pressure. If they had fallen or had a bad series against simply TOOBASED, it definitely would have been discouraging for their chances of advancing at this event. However, once again EG has demonstrated their ability to play with their backs against the wall, and not only played a good series, but showed they could dominate the other team. While the road will certainly be challenging as EG continue their time through this competition, they have proven they have the tools to be able to succeed. 

Images via Dota 2.

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