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DPC NA Week 4: MSS stands-in for EG


With the year of exciting Dota 2 matches coming to a close, a new era of Evil Geniuses gameplay is upon us. With an exciting new team featuring some very promising additions — that of the veteran champion Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka and talented prodigy Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko — EG looks to make a major impact going into next year.

Obviously, though, it is going to take some time to hone their teamwork. Their first major test is at the DPC NA 2021/22 Tour 1: Division I. Facing off against some of the best talent the region has to offer, it will give us the first peek at what kind of team this new iteration of EG will be. We will take a look every week to see how EG is doing. We present to you Week 4. 


It was a promising week for EG in the fourth set of competition. Some challenging obstacles still remain for the squad, but overall the week looks very great for their chances. Some promise for more of the lower ranked teams was shown, simply TOOBASED managed to win a convincing 2-0 set over Arkosh Gaming, and Wildcard Gaming won a narrow series over Black N Yellow. Of the top teams — that has shaken up as well. 

Although Team Undying started off strong with a 2-0 victory over 4 Zoomers, they weren’t able to hold their momentum going against Quincy Crew, as their top ladder rival managed to defeat them 2-1 — causing Team Undying to lose their first games of the competition, and bringing them down to second place. Of course, EG managed to win their set 2-0 against 4 Zoomers — in just as convincing of a fashion as Team Undying. They are now solidly in third place, and can easily overtake the top two teams soon.

Points to Note from the Series

A victory like this is what the team needed at this point in the competition. Although they have had wins in the past few weeks, none of them were against as strong of a team as 4 Zoomers, and none of them were in as convincing of a fashion as in this series. The team is finally starting to come together to become a cohesive unit.

The seasoned and talented Arif “MSS” Anwar has come into his own on the team nicely — along with Arteezy posting the most impressive stats of anyone else on the team. That’s the biggest thing: it looks like a team. JerAx clearly is doing well in returning to the high-impact player he once was, and overall it has looked very promising. 

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