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EG ready to blast at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022

Evil Geniuses will once again be returning to action at the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022 scheduled to be held between January 28 to February 06, 2022.

This event marks EG’s first competitive appearance in 2022 after a tumultuous 2021 filled with major uncertainties in regards to performance, achievements and roster changes. 

Towards the tail end of 2021, EG made the difficult decision of parting ways with MICHU, stanislaw and oBo, and then releasing tarik and daps in the New Year’s – in order to establish a new identity for their CS:GO team.

Being on the borderline of greatness but still failing to achieve it, EG made the bold decision to bring in fresh but experienced faces under their umbrella.

The first acquisition was of Stewie2K from Team Liquid – the only North American CS:GO player to have won a Major as well as the Intel Grand Slam. Stewie was part of the roster that dethroned Astralis during their peak.

However, it is incredibly difficult to stay at the top and as time went by, Team Liquid’s performance started to slowly fade away. Nonetheless, Stewie found a home befit for a king at Evil Geniuses, as he looks to turn a new chapter in his illustrious career.

Taking responsibility as EG’s in-game leader (IGL), Stewie will guide two of existing EG members, Brehze and CeRq, along with two new additions in autimatic and RUSH.

For those unaware, autimatic has been notable for playing at TSM, Cloud9 and Gen.G esports before initially retiring in February 2021 to pursue a career in VALORANT with T1. He made a competitive return to CS:GO with the current iteration of EG’s roster.

On the other hand, RUSH, has played for notable teams like Optic Gaming, Cloud9 and Complexity Gaming before joining EG’s current roster. He is most known for winning the only North American Major trophy to date with Cloud9 – ELEAGUE Major Boston.

Assembling a roster of this calibre comes with a lot of expectations and EG definitely would want to do considerably well especially at an event of such high stature.

It will be a testament to EG’s resolve of either blooming or crumbling in an environment housing the best teams in the world at present. Their first real test will be against a revitalised Team Vitality slated to begin January 30, 2022.

They would still get another chance provided they fall against Vitality in the lower bracket considering the double elimination nature of the tournament.

Can the new coach, Malek, help EG to reach their real potential and provide a roadmap to success?

We will soon find out.

Image via BLAST.

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