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EG Rising: Why Evil Geniuses Recent Showings Have Us Buzzing?

While the world’s eyes are fixated on the egg timer that is the vacuum before VALORANT Champions this December, the world of competitive VALRORANT churns on. And in that same sense, Evil Geniuses have been busy. With their recent performances, who has climbed to the top, how has the team evolved, and where should we see them next tested?

During Evil Geniuses’ venture through Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship: Open 4, a few attributes were cemented. Daniel “Roca” Gustaferri continues to be the rock-steady foundation of Evil Geniuses. Not only is the front-facing member as the entry specialist on their attacking rounds, but his aggressive peeks on defence is becoming something that can sweep the legs from some of the most impressive pushes. 

This fact combined with the firepower that Kelden “Boostio” Pupello brings to the table will always grant Evil Geniuses a puncher’s chance at battle against upper-class teams. For example, take the pairs statistics during the 2-0 win over YFP Gaming. Boostio landed 277 average combat score (ACS), 41 kills across two maps, and had 172.2 average damage done per round (ADR). Next to that you’ve got 243 ACS, 35 kills, and 157.8 ADR from Roca.

That said, we do have to commend Roca and EG for expanding their default compositions as they’ve stuck with taking their Reyna specialist and gradually moving him more towards Skye. This not only gives them the flexibility they can call upon moving forward but also still gives Roca that pocket picks to break out on maps like Icebox and become that duelling threat if the need arises. While they did manage a solid performance all things considered, Evil Geniuses did bow out during the quarter-finals in a strange fashion.

What was odd about Evil Geniuses’ outing during the Nerd Street Gamers most recent open tournament was how they lost to DarkZero Esports. Split has historically been a fantastic map for North America’s legacy franchise, however, their routing against DarkZero Esports left a lot to be desired. Within the last three months, EG has boasted a confident 10-3 record on the map with most of their dominance hailing from their offence. One loss doesn’t make or break a record, teams are allowed their under-performances and Split should still be considered a strong battleground for EG and this bruise isn’t without its counter-punch. From that, a new leading candidate for the fifth and final genius rises to the top. 

Jeffrey “Reformed” Lu has become someone EG can count on to put up some numbers and this loss to DarkZero Esports features that prominently. Challenging both of Evil Geniuses duelists, Reformed managed to drop 245 ACS, 19 kills, with a 39% headshot rating on Icebox. Across the series as a whole, he pivoted between Viper, Sage, and Cypher while still maintaining strong averages across many statistics. This potential and growth opportunity leaves him as the de facto candidate for Evil Geniuses as they assess what to do about their fifth and final slot. 

Not only has the team spent countless hours already working with him they do have some modicum of success under their belt already and with a new tournament rounding the corner things may cement themselves before we know it. 

Evil Geniuses VALORANT stable will battle through Group H of the VALORANT Elite Showdown this week. They will battle the likes of Sakura White, T1 Academy and Radiance for a chance to advance in one of the biggest postseason tournaments outside of VALORANT Champions. With a $25,000 prize purse, Evil Geniuses will have to topple some of the best VALORANT teams in North America as the VALORANT Elite Showdown’s playoff bracket concludes on November 15th. 

With how much potential and power EG has shown in these last few months, the VALORANT Elite Showdown could easily be the break they’ve been waiting for. 

Images via Riot Games

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