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EG Topples coldzera’s 00NATION At PGL RMR

With a ticket to Antwerp, Bucharest on the line, Evil Geniuses have catalyzed their potential in a big way, toppling one of the great giants of the game at the PGL Major Antwerp Regional Major Rankings (RMR). Cemented into Counter-Strike legend, Marcelo “coldzera” David is a big enough threat to raise eyebrows. Behind him stands a South American team hungry to prove themselves in 00NATION. Is this a favorable omen, a sign of things to come for Evil Geniuses moving forward into the RMR? 

Through these last few months, Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte has jettisoned out in front of Evil Geniuses as a weapon to rely on. Just recently Brehze scored his last pistol kill to push him over 4000 and with stats like that it’s not surprising that he was in rare form against coldzera and 00NATION. Anchoring the A-bomb site in Pit, Brehze dominated the opening pistol dropping 4 kills and setting EG up for success. 

This was further by his overall stats which were equally as impressive. In Evil Geniuses’ 16-9 win on Inferno, Brehze managed 22 kills, a +13 kill to death differential, 79.9 average damage done per round (ADR), 84% KAST (kill assist survive trade) and a staggering 1.43 HLTV.org rating. 

Sat next to him, William “RUSH” Wierzba echoed a similar performance. 20 kills, a +10 kill to death differential, a 71.0 ADR, with 80% KAST and a 1.28 HLTV.org rating put him among the top of Evil Geniuses performers. Past that he was an offensive spearhead for Evil Geniuses throughout their victory. Round 24 shoves RUSH second in line of the EG assault through Banana, after blitzing through, RUSH ends the round with 4 kills blistering kills off a textbook execute. 

Other members of Evil Geniuses’ stable performed up to expectations. Timothy “autimatic” Ta held a surprising 92% KAST with a 1.28 HLTV.org rating. Dropping 18 kills, 3 first kills, and holding a +7 kill to death differential, Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov performed extremely well against a difficult opponent. 

With their difficulties put behind them, this has to put Evil Geniuses on a high. With a ticket to the major nearly within their grasp, improvements made and ground gained after initially starting slow, this Evil Geniuses roster is coming together. Morale is not something to overlook, as is confidence. After a string of painful losses at the ESL Pro League, Evil Geniuses have not missed a bit past their PGL openers against paiN and 9z. 

EG looks in form at the PGL RMR, that much is obvious. The potential for Evil Geniuses to reforge their seat at the North American stable is being displayed before your very eyes and the PGL RMR is just the first step. 

First, it’s the major, then it’s NA–then it’s the world.

Images via Valve