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EMEA faces first eliminations from Last Chance Qualifiers

While the globe begins to gather its wildcard candidates for the final chance to qualify for VALORANT Champions at the end of the year, EMEA has already filled its contenders as two promising teams have already met their demise.

Both One Breath Gaming and Strike Arabia’s Anubis Gaming have had their 2021 VALORANT seasons put to rest. What have we learned from their performances and can they bounce back ahead of the 2022 VALORANT season?

While they put up a valiant fight in the losers’ bracket, One Breath Gaming dropped a quickie against Team Liquid and gave SuperMassive Blaze a bruise, but would ultimately succumb. 

One Breath Gaming’s initial loss came at the hands of Team Liquid who confidently dispatched the team only allowing 9 total rounds across two maps. Just after reviewing the opening map and seeing Team Liquid’s 13-0 victory over One Breath Gaming on Ascent, it foreshadowed their eventual downfall. 

Once in the losers’ bracket, One Breath Gaming would square off with Turkish powerhouse SuperMassive Blaze, a team which many VALORANT fans will remember from their promising showcase at Masters 3 Berlin. After trading maps back and forth, One Breath Gaming would fall on Haven after only securing 3 total rounds. For context, in both maps they lost, One Breath Gaming only managed to cobble together single-digit round wins, 5 on Breeze with the aforementioned 3 on Haven. 

After their recent retooling, One Breath Gaming has nothing to be disappointed in and should be considered a contender coming into next season. However, they were not the only team to fall thus far during EMEA’s Last Chance Qualifiers. 

After qualifying from Strike Arabia with an impressive losers bracket run, Anubis Gaming suffered two quick defeats at the hands of G2 Esports and Oxygen Esports shortly after.

To even qualify for the event, Anubis Gaming had to do the unthinkable. After being knocked down by Team RA’AD in the upper bracket quarterfinals, they would go on to win 4 straight series and the eventual rematch against Team RA’AD in the finals to be able to participate in EMEA’s Last Chance Qualifiers. Yet, even with that Cinderella story, their time in the international limelight would be limited. 

Their battle against G2 Esports would open looking fairly decisive but would end with Anubis Gaming proving they can compete with some of the best European talents around. That loss would echo in the losers’ bracket with their battle against Oxygen Gaming. After taking Map 1 to overtime, their second meeting would result in a convincing loss dropping 3-13 on Ascent. 

With a storybook arrival, Anubis Gaming has nothing to be ashamed of and can hold their heads high as they battle through the 2021 postseason. With their dreams of VALORANT Champions dashed Anubis Gaming not only is a team to keep track of but the Middle Eastern region should not be slept on. 

EMEA’s final representative will be decided as the region’s Last Chance Qualifiers wrap up on October 17th. 

VALORANT Champions will take place in Berlin, Germany from December 2nd through the 12th. 

Images via Riot Games

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