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Ence upset Faze and Vitality in EPL S15

ESL Pro League’s Group B, with just 4 series played, has already caught most viewers off guard. The group of death wasn’t expected to be easy for anyone, especially a team which isn’t even a part of the top 10 HLTV Ranking. 

Yet, it seems like S15 of the EPL is just full of surprises. After G2 were eliminated in Group A, we now have Faze and Vitality being toppled by Ence, a team which hasn’t taken big scalps in a long time. 

The international line-up led by Snappi didn’t look that impressive in Katowice. They were eliminated during Group Stage and, despite making it through Play-ins, were dispatched by OG in a 0-2 series. 

Expectations weren’t very high for the roster coming into EPL S15, with Faze, Vitality, The Outsiders (VP players) and Furia as the favorites, but Ence are taking the group by storm.

They had the hardest schedule out of all teams, having to face Faze and Vitality in their first two games, but now they’ve just gotten the hardest part out of the way and almost confirmed at least a third place finish. 

The series against Faze, recently crowned Katowice champions, was close yet impressive from Ence. The boys in red stole their enemie’s map pick in Nuke, but Ence just answered with a dominating 16-7 win on Dust2 followed up by a 16-13 win on Overpass. 

Karrigan had a terrible series and Snappi punched well above his weight throughout the 3 maps. Ence were simply the better team.

And they remained so in their series against Vitality. In what should be considered a David versus Goliath matchup given the sheer difference in individual skill between the two rosters, Ence swept the french-danish roster in a quick 2-0. 

Zywoo had another very weak series and Snappi has remained a pleasant surprise. He fragged,  Awped and called very good T-sides on both Mirage and Dust2. 

The dark horse has trampled over its opposition and is cruising to a top 3 finish in the group of death. Can they win it?

And will we see a dejavu from Group A with Faze or Vitality being eliminated early into the tournament? Seems like everything is possible in EPL S15.

Images via ESL