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ESL One Los Angeles 2020 – Online: North American Rivalry


Evil Geniuses have been involved in some of the most fierce competitions in Dota 2. They’ve done more than compete in them — they’ve won them. EG’s history in the esport is long and rich, and features some of the most impressive tournament runs in history. Whether exciting losers bracket runs or complete dominations in all aspects of an event, the teams have always been able to put on some exciting shows for fans. This series will take a look back and remember some of EG’s most exciting tournaments in Dota 2. This time, we will consider the team’s performance at ESL One Los Angeles 2020 – Online: North America

Before The Event

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 – Online: North America was no doubt an interesting event. It was once again to see who was the best among the many great North American teams. Coming into the event were many high stakes. There would be only four teams competing, a solid $40,000

prize pool, and a single-elimination playoffs bracket which would bring the tension up to eleven. 

It wasn’t just the surrounding nature of the event, the teams competing also all would be in very good shape with one another. Of course, EG were known as the kings of North American Dota 2 at the time, and were no doubt considered favorites for the event. However, the other teams were no slouches. There was Quincy Crew — a team known for their teamwork and individual talents of Quinn and MSS. CR4ZY was also in attendance, a solid squad of players featuring the famous Aui_2000. And finally, there were business associates, a fresh squad of misfits led by none other than the fantastic Fear. 

EG  was certainly still a very strong team, but they had some challenges that they had to overcome. In addition to the fierce competition that would be present at the event, there was also a difficulty with EG’s roster that they would have to deal with. Abed and RAMZES666 would not be able to compete in all the games of the event, meaning that they were down two players. The EG team would instead have to play with BuLba and Ryoya.  It would be a challenging undertaking, but EG had done incredible things before. 

Show Time

The beginning of their series began on a difficult note. In their first series of the group stage, they lost their series against Quincy Crew 1-2. No doubt for many teams such a loss would be demoralizing. However, in Matchday 2 and Matchday 3, EG came back to win their series 2-0 and 2-1 respectively. By the end of group stage competition, EG was still in second place, however.  

The playoffs would be difficult. In their first series, they had to play against CR4ZY again. In a shock, CR4ZY managed to take a game off of them, but EG were able to climb back 2-1. In the finals would be their old opponents: Quincy Crew. Quincy Crew once again proved able to be them — taking another game off of them — however EG came into this series far more prepared, and ended up taking the match 3-1. The series solidified EG’s strength over NA, and also helped create a strong rivalry between the two teams that lasts to this day.

Images via ESL One.