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Everything you need to know about Levadia eLions

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports scene is one of the most talent-laden competitive circuits. Standing out is always a challenge for new teams. You can look at teams like ENCE and OG that burst onto the scene as top teams from a relatively unknown state. Now, a new team called Levadia eLions has also risen to prominence. 

Levadia originates from Estonia which is not known as a top CS:GO country but they have produced some good talent. The first player who comes to mind is FaZe Clan star Robin ‘ropz’ Kool. He and Dota 2 professional Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov are the two highest-earning players in Estonia’s esports history. 

If you want to bet on Levadia eLions matches, you should find out what is happening to them behind the scenes. Now, let’s take a look at Levadia’s CS:GO team and why they’re an org that you should follow. 

The Levadia Sports Club culture

You might have seen many esports teams be sponsored by big traditional sports teams in the past. In Dota 2, you have Paris Saint-Germain sponsoring the Chinese LGD team, while in CS:GO itself, you can see the French football club Olympique Lyonnais showing its support for LDLC. 

Levadia itself is a football club in Estonia’s Meistriliiga, formally known as Football Club Infonet Levadia Tallinn but more commonly as FCI Levadia. They also want to show Estonia’s competitiveness in the esports scene as well starting with CS:GO. 

Learning from the football club

Since football is the most popular sport in the world, you can expect that the Levadia eLions will have a lot to learn from their football counterparts. 

The club is one of the most successful clubs in Estonia and they have a stacked trophy cabinet. They have won 10 Meistriliiga titles, 10 Estonia Cups, and eight Estonian Supercups. They have a winning culture in Estonia and with this CS:GO team, they want to replicate it not only in their country but worldwide as well. 

How the Estonian esports scene can grow alongside traditional sports

With how many sports clubs have shown their support for esports, you can see that they have a strong influence on the competitive gaming circuit. Supportive sports clubs like PSG have affected LGD in Dota 2 and Talon in League of Legends. 

In Levadia’s case, the Estonian football club is ready to support the eLions. This will be a good partnership for the CS:GO team because you can expect that the support that they provide to their football players will also be provided to their star CS:GO players. 

Now that you’re aware of the org’s presence in CS:GO, let’s take a look at their players and how they can fare in the competitive CS:GO esports scene. 

Levadia’s top-tier CS:GO players

To thrive in the CS:GO scene, an org always needs players who they can rely on. Levadia has a special group of Estonian players who they believe can compete at the highest level of CS:GO. It is a tough task to thrive in the CS environment since there are a lot of contending teams. There is an established circuit which means that it will be a challenging task to stand out. 

Thankfully, Levadia recruited a good crop of Estonian talent who have the potential to succeed. Here are the players on the Levadia eLions lineup and their roles for the team. 

  • Andreas ‘aNdu’ Maasing – rifler
  • Andre ‘Blacc’ Lepik – rifler/AWPer
  • Gert ‘klyrO’ Truupõld – rifler 
  • Kaarel ‘RSK’ Kell – rifler/AWPer
  • Karl-Hendrik ‘tsutskam’ Palu – rifler
  • Hannes ‘lenz’ Stalde (coach)

Team roles

In their short time together, the team has performed well. At times, they have also used some stand-in players which include Kevin ‘zteeek’ Rohurand and Oliver ‘Jesus’ Kruusamägi. They have thrived because all of them have good aim. It helps that they have two AWPers when needed.

Since they have multiple riflers, you can expect that this team will follow lenz’s tactics to attack sites cohesively. Lenz is known for devising aggressive tactics for his talented teams.

The importance of coach lenz

With lenz serving as the coach, you can expect that any Estonian squad will be at advantage. He did so with the first few eLions players which is why they managed to become Estonia’s best team for a long while. Now, lenz has a malleable cast of players that he can mold into his vision. With what they have shown so far, the eLions will be a strong team largely due to their coach’s ability to lead.

Dominating in Estonia can translate to international success

The org’s performance in Estonia can translate to success at the international level. With how ropz has performed at the international level, you can see that Estonians have solid potential. They have solid mechanical skills and with people like lenz, you should expect that Levadia can be another shining beacon for the Estonian CS scene. 

Levadia has the structure to succeed

Thankfully, the eLions has the structure to succeed because of Levadia’s support. When you look at how the club has performed in the Estonian top-flight, you should expect that their esports players will not have a problem playing their games in the international level. They will have regular salaries and they will be incentivised to perform at the highest level. 

As you can see with Levadia’s official Twitch channel, these players are given a way to show their skills as well due to their streams.

The players are skilled to compete at the highest level

If you have watched any Levadia game, you can see that they have the skills to compete at the highest level of professional CS:GO. That is a huge compliment to the team’s ability to perform because they can compete in terms of skill. Thankfully, they have lenz to serve as their tactical leader because they can fully focus on their gameplay. 

Levadia’s bright potential

Levadia constantly improves with every match they play. Even when they’re using stand-ins, Levadia has proven that they are top-tier players, especially with the likes of RSK and aNdu proving to be superstars in their own right. 

They are not yet on the same level as teams like FaZe or Cloud9 but they are on the right path. Lenz made sure to give them a good path to take when it comes to development because the strategies are in-depth and they have done an amazing job following them. 

The team is young and hungry to succeed

Apart from Blacc who is 26 years of age, the Levadia roster is composed of younger players. RSK is only 20 years of age while tsutskam is 19. However, the youngest of the bunch is aNdu and klyrO who are both only 17 years of age. A young group of players means that they will be eager to perform at the highest level. This team will be hungry to prove themselves and it looks like they are healthy with how they have performed so far.

They are still fresh faces in CS:GO esports

Most of the players in Levadia are relatively new to the CS:GO esports scene. They will most likely be looking to prove themselves based on their criteria and not based on what other players have done in the past. They could’ve watched the past CS:GO events but they want to be the new kids in the scene that takes over. 

Do not underestimate the Levadia eLions

They are relatively new names to the scene but the Levadia eLions should be a team on your radar. If you are looking to participate in Levadia eLions betting, you should know that they will not disappoint with the potential that they have shown. 

This team is ready to prove themselves at the highest level and with a new squad, they are ready to dominate not only in Estonia but in the entire world as well. It will be a challenging task but they are ready to cement Estonian CS as a top scene just like what we’ve seen across Europe in the past decade. 

Words by: Cholo Martin