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Evil Geniuses announce first change to their CS:GO Team

Evil Geniuses announced on the 11th of May their first step towards making their CS:GO team better after disappointing results. 

The North American team has decided to release their coaching staff, including coach maLeK, assistant coach EVY and analyst Hepa. The announcement was posted on Twitter by the org:

As can be seen in their statement, they admit that expectations have not been met and that this seems to be the first change of at least a few. The org is describing this as the first step towards “the next chapter of CS:GO at Evil Geniuses”. 

Just last month, stewie was addressing criticism in the following manner: 

It’s not secret that the project was essentially built around the North American IGL, so it is likely that whatever changes come will be done with stewie in mind. 

Rush commented on the announcement, describing maLeK in a positive way and saying that he never got the chance to truly show his potential. Different situations caused maLeK to be unable to coach the team in a few events, and that definitely had an impact on their results.

As the Evil Geniuses’ announcement described, more things will be announced in the coming weeks, so let’s see what will be next for North American CS. 

Images via Valve.