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Evil Geniuses Can Only Go Up From Here

With the PGL Major out of the discussion and approaching a sub 30% win rate in the last 3 months, Evil Geniuses are in dire straits–and that is the best thing for them. For improvements to be made you have to recognize there is a problem in the first place. There is no doubt in any rational CS:GO fan’s mind that sees this roster on paper and doesn’t expect some big, explosive performances–and you’ve seen that, just in sporadic intervals. Evil Geniuses are in a bad way, there is no ignoring that, but this opens a world of possibilities for their future revival. 

Team captain and in-game leader, Jake ‘Stewie2K’ Yip prior to the PGL Major qualifier event has been vocal about their struggles. This notion continued after their heartbreaking loss to 9z. “Rock bottom is rock bottom,” he wrote on Twitter. “Those who think i’m quitting, you don’t know me. Keep yapping all that shit & laughing. I’ll get the last laugh don’t you worry.”

William ‘RUSH’ Wierzba echoed a similar statement on social media as well. “I’m at a loss for words right now but it’s safe to say we’re playing abysmal CS right now and there is no excuse,” he said. “I’ve been dark on all social media the last month so I could focus every ounce of energy into this team and it just wasn’t enough. We don’t deserve the major in our current state, I’m sorry.”

From the litany of self-reflection and guilt, you see the players express, a few things are crystal clear. Not only does this mean the world to them, they–at the end of the day–are competitors and will do anything to win. They have seen the highs and lows of the spectrum and know they have it within them to return. We’ve seen their potential since they put together the roster at the start of the year. They want to win, they know they can win–now change is in order.

Lucky for them having a world-class coach like Damien “maLeK” Marcel is a powerful catalyst for change. 

Perhaps it’s moving Stewie2k back into a more loose lurk role, maybe it’s allowing RUSH to play more of the entry to facilitate that, maybe it’s striking while the iron is hot and giving Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte the space to play flanks and take the game over. Whatever it is, you can rest easy knowing that maLeK will help to see changes to this team to regain some sense of consistency. The fact of the matter is this; it isn’t a player skill issue. We’ve seen these players in majors and performing well in the not-too recent past. These players, all of them can compete on the world’s stage–but something isn’t clicking. 

On April 27th, Evil Geniuses will head to the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown to tackle GODSENT. With nothing to lose and a few hard weeks integrating a hypothetical new style, imagine that hype that would erupte to see EG topple GODSENT. Even just taking them close would be a confidence builder. Staying competitive with a top 30 ranked team from where they are currently is no small feat–and that’s the thesis for this motion to change and adapt and restructure: EG can only go up from here, but it’s going to take a healthy dose of work and time to see them reach their potential. 

Images via Valve