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Evil Geniuses clinch 5th at IEM Fall

Evil Geniuses have made it to the PLG Major Stockholm, grabbing a Legends spot to boot. The team performed quite well in their 5th place decider match against Extremum, dominating Nuke, dropping Mirage but then picking it back up for Inferno. The team heads into the PGL Major with a large boost in confidence, with heavy fragging from Stanislaw, oBo and CeRq. The team has had little time to remold themselves back together, but they may have just been afforded a miracle to make a good run at the Major.

The rest of the Legends spots consist of Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Vitality, G2 Esports, Team Liquid, FURIA Esports, Natus Vincere, and Gambit Esports. Evil Geniuses are certainly the dark horse of the tournament, being regarded by the community as one of the weaker teams coming from the Legends spot. Controversially, EG did get a bye win because of Triumph having a player oversleep past the game start time. This has led to comments about the schedule of the IEM Fall tournament and the awkward starting times for players, although the start time for this particular match was in the middle of the afternoon. Some fans view that this has minimized EG’s tournament run, especially since they crushed Extremum in a Bo3.

oBo in particular has put good numbers up in this tournament, peaking at a 1.63 HLTV rating, completely dominating against Extremum. He proved to be a crucial component during the event, often leading the charge and getting frags through phenomenal entries. His zealousness in charging through smokes and pressing against enemies with seemingly secured angles has made him a player to be feared when facing against EG.

CeRq had a great tournament, consisting of a 1.24 HLTV rating throughout the entirety of the matches on average. IEM Fall might cement CeRq’s return to form, which many fans have been yearning for. His AWP shots have been finding their marks true and he’s had much more consistency this tournament than previous tournaments, although how much we can chalk that up to an inconsistent lineup is anybody’s guess. If he carries this performance into the Major, EG stands a good chance to do some damage.

Stanislaw came back with revenge, coming out the gates to shut down 00nation in their first map of the tournament. The team seems much more put together now, and individually, Stanislaw looks to be in peak form, dropping significant frags and not being a liability at all for his team, as the IGL role is sometimes synonymously known for. As long as he can come up with some smart plays (such as what GODSENT did to them on Nuke with a boost to heaven), EG might be able to pull out some big upsets.

The PGL Major Stockhold starts October 26th, 2021. There we’ll see if the NA boys of Evil Geniuses can muster up enough head clicks to be able to make a surprising run. Worst comes to worse, at least they get that sticker money!

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