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Evil Geniuses – Favourites going into TI10

Evil Geniuses are the favourites going into The International 10.

Yes, you heard it right. They are one of the, if not the best, teams going into TI10 for two simple reasons:

  • Placing top two in both the seasons of the North American Dota Pro Circuit.
  • Placing second at both the Majors; ONE Esports Singapore Major and WePlay AniMajor.

Talk about consistency!

EG has for long dominated the North American region with little to no competition and that has paved the way for them to not only perform amazingly well at LAN events, but also cemented them as the team to be dreaded.

Tal “Fly” Aizik’s charismatic leadership coupled with his calm demeanor and game knowledge has led EG to become a powerhouse not only in North America but also the world.

He has imbibed a fire within his team that makes them outright scary.. and he is also well versed in Krav Maga. Literally, NO ONE will take the chance of going up against him. Period.

Andreas Franck “Cr1t-” Nielsen, the dynamic playmaker of the team has left us all in awe of his insane plays. Time and again he has proven to be a strong asset to the team and is the backbone of EG.

Known for playing Earth Spirit, Rubick and Dark Willow, cr1t has emerged as a player whom everybody fears.

Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang is arguably the most skilled mechanical player the game has ever seen. Boasting of a broad and successful career, spread across continents, has placed icex3 in the spotlight every time.

Known for his insane prowess to win any lane majority of the times, icex3 creates the much needed space for his team to be on the front foot. An individual who can play every available hero in the game, especially Nature’s Prophet, Timbersaw and Broodmother, invokes fear in the mind of his opponents.

Abed “Abed” Yusop has made huge strides ever since he got recruited to Evil Geniuses. Prior to his time at EG, the young Filipino played for Fnatic and carved a niche for himself in the mid-lane through his signature heroes like Meepo, Storm Spirit and Puck.

He sets the tempo of the game and is responsible to ensure to terrorize his opponents, something which he does with ease. Under Fly’s leadership, Abed has grown to be a top level player and his journey has only just begun.

Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, the darling of Dota 2. Period. Needless to say, #2EZ4RTZ has been a trend ever since he first came to the limelight. The soul of Evil Geniuses, Arteezy can easily be counted in the top 3 carry players around the world.

No one can forget his innate ability to single handedly turn around games not in EG’s favour. Terrorblade, Drow Ranger, Naga Siren, Wraith King, etc. are just a few examples of Arteezy being synonymous with success.

Always the dependable carry, Arteezy has provided the team with relief in the most uncomfortable situations, and that has catapulted him to worldwide fame.

Evil Geniuses has a star studded team, a roster capable of achieving greatness. As they head into The International 10, EG will be eager to break the second place curse, and become the second team to lift the Aegis twice.

Even though PSG.LGD are the clear favourites, one should not count out EG, as TI is a different ball-game altogether.


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