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Evil Geniuses Joins Astralis And Fnatic At Pinnacle Cup Championship

With the PGL Major dominating the Counter-Strike schedule and news cycle, fans do have one other large scale tournament to keep an eye out for. Lund, Sweden will play host to the Pinnacle Cup Championship, which features the likes of Astralis, BIG, Copenhagen Flames, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, Heroic, Imperial Esports and MIBR. 

With changes noted and needed this will likely be the first look at the new build for Evil Geniuses. As Damien “maLeK” Marcel departs, look to the staff less so the players attempt to facilitate North American CS legends like Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip and William “RUSH” Wierzba. With a new system assumedly on its way, Evil Geniuses is a dark horse threat all things considered. A new injection of talent or confidence can do wonders for a team on the brink. 

Team Vitality, Team Spirit and Team Liquid proved too much for Astralis to handle at the PGL Major, however, does the Pinnacle Cup Championship boast the same caliber of talent? Such a storied and exciting Counter-Strike team surely should be featured prominently on the stage of one of the biggest events of the year, and not earning the luxury has to do something to a player. This event provides a much needed shot in the arm for the Danes this summer.

Sitting just outside of the top 15, BIG also was another notable team that swung and missed at the PGL Major. Falling prey to powerhouses like Team Vitality,  FURIA and NAVI is nothing to be ashamed of but keeping in form is important and that only comes with repetition. German wunderkind Florian “syrsoN” Rische and co. will look to continue their incredibly positive 2022 with a strong performance here. 

As it stands now Copenhagen Flames are still alive in the Legends Stage of the PGL Major but their chances seem slim. That said, that doesn’t mean that Fredrik “roeJ” Jørgensen and his team didn’t perform admirably. Putting away ENC and a surging Bad News Eagles is no small feat while taking FaZe Clan and Team Spirit close in best-of-threes is equally respectable. While Copenhagen Flames might sit outside the top in the world, it is clear that they can hang with the best Counter-Strike has to offer and the Pinnacle Cup Championship will cement that into law. 

Fnatic has seen better days. Without being featured at the PGL Major after having its hopes dashed at the European RMR thanks to Eternal Fire, SAW, and Heroic, the legendary European brand looks to find their sea legs in the post-Major landscape. William “mezii” Merriman and veteran Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson look to finish the first half of the year strong under the Fnatic banner at the Pinnacle Cup Championship.

The jury is still out on Heroic’s future at the PGL Major however this is a team that should be considered one of the favorites. Currently sitting ranked 6th in the world according to the HLTV.org, René “TeSeS” Madsen and the Danes of Heroic should feel confident, no matter the Major result, at the Pinnacle Cup Championship. While their destiny isn’t confirmed by any means, this event feels like a nice tune-up tournament for them heading into the back half of 2022.

Brazil will feature two of their best at the Pinnacle Cup Championship. With an impressive performance at the PGL Major, Imperial Esports is not a team to write off. With names, anyone across esports would recognize, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and his fan favorite team has the wind in their sails from one of the biggest events of the year. Stood next to them is Marcelo “chelo” Cespedes and MIBR who departed from the Challengers Stage of the PGL Major with losses to teams like Bad News Eagles and Astralis. The former comes in with a swath of confidence, and the other aims to build up a sense of their own at the Pinnacle Cup Championship.

June 8-11 these eight teams will compete for the $250,000 prize pool, but more importantly, reforging their narrative in the post-Major aftermath. With specific teams unable to make it or flaming out or being upset, this will be a substantial litmus test to see where each of these teams is headed prior to the next large-scale Counter-Strike event. 

In case, you’re interested in the Major, then you should definitely try out your luck over here.

Images via Valve