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Evil Geniuses look to improve during break

Evil Geniuses just had a rematch of the game played a few days ago during IEM Dallas 2022 North America Closed Qualifier, this time during Blast Premier Spring Showdown, a tournament being run to determine the last NA seed heading to Lisbon later this year. 

The tournament features a single elimination bracket, so any misstep means you are out of the race. Evil Geniuses had quite the challenge ahead of them, with a bracket featuring Godsent and, presumably Furia if they had managed to beat their first brazilian opponent, but Taco’s squad got the better of them. 

The problems are much the same: poor T-sides and confusing map picks. EG opted into Overpass, a map in which they’ve been incredibly hit or miss. Some decent wins and some very tough losses. It was even more puzzling since the NA team had just lost to Godsent in this exact map 3 days before. The score wasn’t as one-sided this time, but it was still 16-8. Stewie and the crew showed some promise during the T-side, but the brazilian squad and the game on total lockdown during their on terrorist half. 

Mirage was a weird pick from the Godsent side too, but they made it work to close the series out at 2-0. Stewie’s individual form continues to take a considerable hit, Brehze has been looking a lot better, but his improvement comes parallel to Autimatic’s dip in performance. RUSH consistently posts some high numbers, but it has not been enough. CeRq has still looked underwhelming, for the most part.

This 2-0 loss means instant elimination from the tournament, but it might actually be good news for the Evil Geniuses roster. Something isn’t clicking for the team. Their roster should be stronger than what it is right now, and they theoretically have an experienced head-coach and capable support staff behind them. The project is new, sure, but it has had a lot of time to “warm-up”. This 5 men squad has played 44 maps so far, which isn’t such a small number.

The improvements between games are negligible most times, but they’ve barely had any time to work on the problems. They’ve gone from tournament to tournament, playing practically every week and against a lot of the same opponents. With their next tournament on HLTV being only in August, and due to their absence from the Antwerp Major, the Evil Geniuses squad will have a much needed off-time to fix whatever’s broken in their system. 

This team has potential. This roster has the firepower and experience. This organization is one which has been very vocal about their dedication to make their projects work. They’ve shaken the status-quo over in North America League of Legends, and they aren’t going anywhere. As EG’s CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson mentioned on Twitter, these results are disappointing, but everyone is working towards finding solutions. Let’s see what they can do in the next couple of months.