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Evil Geniuses look to the future after missing Major

Evil Geniuses are now officially out of the Major Race after a very close loss to 9Z Team. The team was, at least on paper, the favorite out of the three remaining to qualify, but their effort wasn’t enough.

9Z did play above their previous level, especially luken and dgt having some very impressive performances, but EG was still the favorite to take the win with their much more talented and experienced roster. So, why couldn’t they pull it off?

The series was an extremely close one (16-11, 12-16, 16-14), with both teams winning their own map picks and with 9Z taking the win with 30 rounds on Overpass. Evil Geniuses seem to have finally chosen Inferno as their go to map pick and did look impressive on it, but their weak T-sides were a consistent problem, even on the second map. 

They looked lost on Nuke’s T-side after losing their own CT-side. Missed smokes, very late calls, lack of trade-frags. The players were hitting their shots and some 1vX situations kept the game close, but EG seemed to be a step back the entire game.

The North American team looked much stronger on Inferno, but their T-side was very weak despite them winning the pistol. A 6-9 half still led to a comfortable conclusion though, since the team got 10 CT rounds. 

The third and final map was the most uncharacteristic from the team. They started off incredibly strong with an 8-2 lead but losses to force buys and 9Z clutches gave the Brazilian team a decent 6-9 half. Given how poorly EG has performed on the T-side, they had a tall task ahead of them and it showed. 

They won the force buy after a close loss in the pistol round, but 9Z eventually stopped their streak and grabbed hold of the game. EG looked very dangerous but still shaky, especially around unconventional plays from 9Z. They nearly lost against a full-eco, they dropped an anti-force due to a Five-Seven double kill on B and these small details mean everything in a 14-16 loss.

At the end of the they, as the players themselves mentioned on Twitter, 9Z earned their upset victory and EG are forced to go back home and rethink their path. 

A team with three former Major winners is now out of the race, but no one has given up yet. Despite them almost making it through, the players have expressed that they’re disappointed at their level of play and that they know work must be done.

Yet, the main feeling from the squad is one of determination. Head Coach Malek tweeted out that all there is to do is “Heads up and looking forward” and IGL stewie2k shared his thoughts with the community, showing that this project is only getting started:

The Evil Geniuses CS:GO roster has not lived up to its name yet, but no one has given up on it. This is a completely new team with players returning from other games and from long periods of absence, so time is their most needed resource.

The road has been rocky so far, but they’re still riding towards their destination. Let’s see what the team changes before their next showing at BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2022 North America. 

Images via EG