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Evil Geniuses’ most impressive FGC tournament runs

From local, small arcade shops to gigantic arenas filled to the brim with top-tier and sponsored players, the fighting game community has evolved significantly over the past several decades. Of the many orgs that have entered the space throughout its evolution, Evil Geniuses were amongst the first to take the genre seriously. 

Today, we take a look at the best placements by players currently enlisted to Evil Geniuses. Don’t forget to take a look at our team profile to get a quick and informative look on stats and information about the Evil Geniuses line-up!


For dekillsage, the biggest victory to point out is his first place victory at Thunderstruck 2019. In this tournament, dekillsage displayed a masterful team of Teen Gohan, Broly, and SSJ Goku to take on someone else playing under Evil Geniuses at the time, NYChrisG, in the grand final.

Take a quick look here.

The runner up would have to be his placement in both Frosty Faustings IX and XIII for Skullgirls, an offline and online event respectively, taking first in both tournaments in what is arguably his best FGC title all-around.

Next up is Ricki Oritz’ run at Northeast Championship 20 for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.  While lacking a large number of entrance and a big prize pool, this run is exemplary due to the strength of the contestants and the fact that she went the entire bracket without dropping even a single game using solo Chun-Li.

Two of her best placements at more prestigious events include her 2nd place finish at Combo Breaker 2015 and 2nd at Apex 2014 for Street Fighter IV. While falling to NuckleDu in the grand finals of Combo Breaker 2015, she did manage to at least take a game, and show her Rufus prowess in the preceding matches of the tournament.

Finally, we have SonicFox, who, frankly…just wins too much for this to be a clear decision. So what we’ll do instead is find something phenomenal for different titles.

Between destroying everyone at EVO 2015 and destroying everyone one year later at Mortal Kombat X, their 2016 run comes out slightly on top for me. This is largely because, while loser’s runs are impressive, SonicFox was more clean the following year.

Grand finals also happened to be a bit more spicy with him losing the first set against the Bahraini powerhouse Tekken Master 1-3, forcing a Grand Finals reset, where they narrowly closed it out 3-2.

To top it all off, it’s also just really awesome that he won the event using a four character spread, when most of the top 8 was filled with solo mains.

CEOtaku 2019 tells a tale of a fantastic loser’s run by the multi-game FGC overlord. SonicFox took first out of 116 entrants, winning through a double reset in Grand Finals with patient play, forcing Nakkiel to approach and capitalizing on his mistakes.

It is worth noting SonicFox didn’t get the complete download in this set, though — almost the opposite, really.  While SonicFox won the first set 3-1, Nakkiel took them to a grueling game 5 to close out the tournament, where SonicFox prevailed.

Lastly, we have to mention SonicFox’s run in Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late at Combo Breaker 2016, where they proved their prowess in the more niche anime-esque fighters. SonicFox put on an excellent display with Carmine and took the entire tournament, but not without a fight. 

Most of their sets on their winner run to grand finals came down to the last game consistently.  But can you blame them? Pretty difficult to juggle mastering more games than fingers on your hands.

So that does it! What were your favorite tournament runs? Let us know! Stay tuned for more FGC content, and remember, you can learn all you need to know about Evil Geniuses’ legendary fighting game squad on our team page.

Images via Evil Geniuses.

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