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Evil Geniuses’ Newest Star: YaBoiDre

Emerging from the offseason roster shuffle, Evil Geniuses bolstered their 2022 roster with fresh and talented blood, namely signing notable VALORANT free agent Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond. Boasting former competitive success and a level of experience that is rare to find in such a young talent, Evil Geniuses in VALORANT rest on the capable shoulders of YaBoiDre.

Hailing from a wildly successful PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) career playing alongside Tempo Storm for the better part of two years, YaBoiDre brings an experience to Evil Geniuses that is invaluable. Enduring the hardships of offline competition as well as weekly online cups and qualifiers makes YaBoiDre a uniquely qualified individual. However, what stands out is his success at the former. 

Throughout his career in PUBG, YaBoiDre has placed well during a handful of offline events such as the National PUBG League Phase 1 & 2, the PUBG Pan-Continental, and IEM XII Oakland PUBG Invitational. This level of experience coupled with a desire to venture outside of PUBG and some incredible mechanics would catch the eyes of the masses once Riot Games began to drip feed out information surrounding the eventual release of VALORANT. These are all elements he has commented on publicly as well.

In an interview with thespike.gg spoke about his transition to VALORANT after playing at the highest level in PUBG. “Honestly, when I switched to VALORANT, I didn’t feel like I was at that big a disadvantage,” YaBoiDre said, “I know that there’s a lot of things that CS players have over me, I think mostly experience, but mechanics-wise, I don’t think I was at that big a disadvantage.”

YaBoiDre saw his VALORANT debut on Highground for the early half of 2020. Transitioning some mild success into a small stint with 100 Thieves and beastcoast. These brief stints showed an immense amount of promise, but little to no tangible results.

However, YaBoiDre spent most of 2021 with Luminosity Gaming finding some purchase with his talent. This earned them a 3rd-place finish at Nerd Street Gamers x Complexity Invitational, a win over Sentinels to capture the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship, and bronze at the VCT 2021: North America Stage 1 Challengers 3

While his journey with Evil Geniuses has just begun it is not without some major success individually. In the team’s recent loss to Bait Academy during the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Open Qualifiers, he performed extremely well managing 255 average combat score, over 40 kills, a +10 kill to death differential with 162 average damage done per round (ADR). Coupling that with some of his other teammates, more explosive tendencies and EG have multiple weapons that are equal parts flexible in their agent pool as well as mechanical powerhouses.

Now mind you, this is from a loss in the team’s first event together. Given enough time and synergy, both YaBoiDre and Evil Geniuses are sure to be able to climb to new heights in the North American region and argue for a seat at the table. Until then Evil Geniuses’ newest star remains someone to keep your eye on not only as a formidable attribute to the team but someone to go far within VALORANT. 

Images via Riot Games

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