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Evil Geniuses- One last chance in the NA RMR

Evil Geniuses are qualified to the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Americas RMR, but they have to level up their game in this month leading up to the event. The roster will first attend EPL S15 at the end of March, facing much harder competition, so they’ll have a chance to fix the mistakes that were shown at the two open qualifiers. How did they get here and how did they perform?

EG faltered in this first chance to qualify to the Antwerp Major RMR through the Open Qualifier. A narrow 14-16 loss against Strife left them with one last chance to qualify this past weekend, or they would be out of the race. They lost some crucial anti-eco and anti-force rounds which prevented their comeback from happening. RUSH maintained his impressive form, but Cerq still doesn’t seem to be online. The talented player has been performing way below his level, even against weaker opposition. 

Despite this hiccup, Evil Geniuses stepped up their game and convincingly beat every single opponent in the second qualifier except for Party Astronauts, in the BO1 which decided the teams’ seeding. The team had a much better performance as a whole, with every player stepping up on different occasions. 

RUSH and autimatic dominated the first few games with stewie stepping up a lot in their BO3 series against paiN. Brehze maintained a decent performance while Cerq still doesn’t seem like his older self. This might still be growing pains, but those need to be fixed fast if Evil Geniuses are to actually make it to the Major in Belgium.

Stewie2K seems to have been able to integrate RUSH and autimatic much faster into his system, which makes sense since they’ve played together before in Cloud9. More work needs to be done to get the best out of the two other talented pieces. Everyone has seen Cerq and Brehze’s peaks, the two players were taking the NA scene by storm just a couple of years ago, and their young age shows that they still have time to get back to that form. 

Yet EG are on a timer. EPL S15 will have much tougher opposition with the likes of Navi and Astralis in their group, and their last chance to make it to Belgium comes just a couple of weeks later. The roster has the pieces to beat everyone in the Americas RMR, they just have to figure out how to make them work. 

The team now has a few weeks to prepare and make sure they’re at their best form when those two tournaments come around. Working with an experienced coach like Malek can go a long way and all the players on the team have some experience behind them. 

The more unpredictable pieces in autimatic and RUSH have consistently shown that they still have it, so stewie and the coaching staff just have to figure out how to make the core work with Brehze and Cerq. If they pull it off, this team can surprise a lot of people and prove to be one of the most dangerous teams coming out of the NA region.