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Evil Geniuses Starts Strong At PGL Major RMR

Evil Geniuses have struck like lightning at the PGL Antwerp Regional Major Rankings (RMR). After struggling to find paydirt after forming a powerhouse team at the start of the year, Evil Geniuses have finally stepped up to bat with a string of solid performances. Like an artist attempting to salvage a rough sketch, EG isn’t erasing their mistakes–they’re using them as a diving board into the future.

And it’s paying off in style.

Rounding out of the ESL Pro League Season 15 group stage without much to say, Evil Geniuses entered the PGL Major RMR with no pressure and an underdogs mentality. While that may be a scary duo on their own, that combination placed in the hands of a team of EG’s potential and caliber makes for some serious upset potential. 

Their road started extending their losing streak, but with plenty of positives to glean. Brazil’s paiN Gaming. 12-16 on Vertigo in a best-of-one isn’t all that poor given the context of where paiN sits internationally. Consistently ranked within the top 30 teams in the world, paiN was an impressive test for Evil Geniuses’ first bout at the PGL RMR and they proved they could box with some of the best–as their roster would have you believe.

Continuing his impressive run from the ESL Pro League, Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte is quickly stepping into the spotlight for the storied North American franchise. With 24 kills, a +8 kill to death differential and a 1.26 HLTV.org rating, he leapt out in front and led his team in this impressive performance against paiN. However, not to be overshadowed, AWP star Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov stood shoulder to shoulder with Brehze, dropping 24 kills and a 1.20 HLTV.org rating.

That loss would pale in comparison to their victory over 9z. 

Coming in from the South American qualifier, 9z quickly fell well under the weight of EG’s experienced and star-studded lineup. Evil Geniuses 16-5 victory left little question as to the caliber of team they were and the statistics showcase that even better. Nearly everyone–sorry RUSH–within a positive kill to death differential and not a single player falling below a 1.10 HLTV.org rating, it is safe to say EG dominated. 

CeRq dropped 24 kills and a +17 kill to death differential. Timothy “autimatic” Ta had 20 of his own kills, 3 of which were first kills, with 117.7 average damage done per round while managing a 1.57 HLTV.org rating. NA legend Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip had 18 big ones and managed a respectable +5 kill to death differential and a 1.22 HLTV rating. Quite literally everyone stepped up to that plate and that only continued into their next match against 00NATION. 

Bouncing back after tough losses is never easy, but with little to lose at this point, Evil Geniuses are proving not just to North America but the world that they are a threat worth watching and someone that could be pushing for consistent major appearances by the end of the year.

Images via Valve