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Evil Geniuses: Top performing team in Valorant esports

There’s no doubt that Evil Geniuses are among the most prominent esports teams in the world. With more games under their arsenal like Dota 2 and CS:GO, there’s no question that they will dominate Valorant as well, the newest first-person shooter action game developed by Riot Games. 

Their sheer dominance has encroached almost all games in the esports scene. With Evil Geniuses being among the top teams to vouch for, fans and punters alike are looking forward to watching the dominant Valorant squad succeed. 

How are Evil Geniuses doing in Valorant and why should you pay more attention to them? Here is everything you need to know about the most dominant Valorant esports team and why they are the most dominant squad in the Bitcasino esports betting scene! 

A walk down memory lane: How Evil Geniuses started

In 1997, a Quake clan called Evil Geniuses was formed in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The initial lineup of the Underground Onramp, Victoria’s first cyber café, included Muppetman, Jello, Jasp and Mystique, who were featured in Wired Magazine. 

While the rest of the world was still using LAN, the Onramp and the EG clan were a big hit since they were located on the West Coast and had a T1 internet connection.

EG’s first professional gamer, Thresh, was one of several Seattle-based players that joined the clan and routinely competed against members of EG.

Members of the Canadian and American rosters were granted entrance to the gaming room during the 1997 Gameworks Tournament. Players from Canada weren’t permitted to compete but were allowed to warm up with the participants before the competition.

The majority of the Canadian roster left the Underground Onramp soon after contemporary home broadband internet was introduced. Many of them moved on to other jobs in the gaming business, where they are still employed to this day. The American lineup, on the other hand, thrived and became one of the greatest esports clans ever. 

Growing popularity of Evil Geniuses 

Since then, Evil Geniuses teams from multiple games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and Valorant have graced the tournaments and won multiple awards because of their sheer talent and dominance.

In the Dota 2 pro scene, Evil Geniuses won the fifth The International after being pinned down by their opposing finalists. They also showed dominance in other major tournaments like the CS:GO Majors for multiple years. 

Right now, Evil Geniuses are among the most famous esports teams from any game, and they have the players to prove it. 

Evil Geniuses’ 2022 VCT Stage 1 Masters display 

In the Valorant esports scene, Evil Geniuses has pulled off one of the greatest shocks in the VCT North American Stage 2 Challengers tournament. EG came out on top in Week 4 versus OpTic Gaming, defeating the defending Masters Reykjavik winners 2-1.

The recent signings of former Akrew in-game captain Corbin ‘C0M’ Lee and Vincent ‘Apoth’ Le have the squad looking reinvigorated. The former EG team struggled mightily in Stage 1, finishing last in Group A with a 0-1 record.

At this point, EG is top of Group B in Stage 2 after their victory against OpTic. EG even ended OpTic’s eight-game victory run on Bind, winning the map 13-8. As a result of OpTic’s comeback on Split, the series was sent to Ascent.

When it comes to the previous several months, EG showed no signs of slowing down. EG came back from a 7-11 deficit to win six consecutive rounds and seize control of the map 13-11 in the final round.

EG taking down Ascent 

The absence of any duelists in EG’s agent composition on Ascent was remarkable because it was the first time they deployed this exact composition on Ascent within the group stage. Instead, Fade, Sova, and KAY/O were the team’s three initiators, with Omen and Chamber, two of the most popular characters in the game.

Except for EG’s decision to play Omen over Astra on the Venetian map, the agent lineup was almost identical to what DRX used on the map.

Even though OpTic placed Victor ‘Victor’ Wong back on Yoru, another great player, EG was well-prepared to take on the extraterrestrial duelist in this match.

Why so dominant? EG’s talented Valorant roster 

By April 2022, Evil Geniuses have finalised their Valorous roster with Corbin ‘C0M’ Lee and Vincent ‘Apoth’ Le. In-game leaders Mike ‘pho’ Panza and Diondre ‘YaBoiDre’ Bond have left the team, and the latter is currently a member of the NY Fury’s reconstructed roster.

Stage 1 was a failure for Evil Geniuses. A promising unbeaten run in the second open qualifier did not translate into any wins in the group stage for the North American organisation, which finished with a 0-5 record.

After leading Akrew to a 34-game winning run in open competitions like NSG Winter Championship and Knights Monthly in 2021, C0M was replaced as the team’s previous in-game commander.

After defeats to teams like Version1, The Guard, and Built By Gamers, Akrew nearly missed out on the VCT Stage 1 Challengers Main Event. In early April of 2022, Renegades parted ways with their whole lineup after defeats in the Knights Monthly competition and the BoomTV Proving Grounds.

Here is the final roster as of the 2022 team:

  • Corbin ‘C0M’ Lee
  • Kelden ‘Boostio’ Pupello
  • Vincent ‘Apotheon’ Le
  • Jeffrey ‘Reformed’ Lu
  • Alexander ‘jawgemo’ Mor

As you can see, Evil Geniuses have found their home in this newest game called Valorant as they showed their best skills when playing the best esports teams in the world. 

Why you should start betting on Evil Geniuses’ Valorant squad

Evil Geniuses have a lot of great reasons why you should start betting on their amazing Valorant team. Here are some that should convince you to be their biggest fan: 

They have a great track record 

Regardless if they are representing in the Dota 2 esports tournaments or the CS:GO majors, EG has always been consistent with their players and roster. In Valorant, it should not be any different. They are still among the top-tier squads in the Valorant esports tournaments, and they will surely make it far in the recent competitions if they continue their style of play. 

They have some of the best players representing them 

There’s no doubt about it that the quality of a roster is predicated on the players who play for them. This is why you should start betting on EG to give you the best chances of winning when you are placing your wagers in the biggest tournaments. Most of the tracks are made with sand while some are grass tracks.

If you are thinking of playing and watching Valorant for the first time, Evil Geniuses are not a bad team to start your hobby of enjoying the esports scene. As the team continues to grow, they are expected to appear in multiple finals and win a ton of championships while they are at it. 

You can rely on them as well when Bitcasino esports betting, and you won’t be disappointed by their performance as you win your bets at esports betting!

Words by: Vonn Consul