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Evil Geniuses- What to do before ESL Pro League 15

Evil Geniuses didn’t have the best start of the year in Blast Premier Spring 2022, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. Since they’re not at IEM Katowice, the team has a few weeks to iron out the flaws and get their act together for ESL Pro League 15, an event in which they should have a great chance to get through. 

EG’s group in EPL isn’t exactly easy, especially with NAVI and Heroic being two of their opponents, but a third place finish is more than possible. After the two titans, the scariest opposition EG will face is a struggling Astralis who’s just made a roster move and a Complexity team which has a weaker North American roster. Third place means the team has a chance to move on to the next phase and begin an upwards trajectory for the rest of the year. 

As previously mentioned, EG’s placement at Blast Premier Spring was the worst it could’ve been, but their performance was seen by many as better than expected. The format wasn’t the best, EG lost some very close games and fought some strong teams which led to their early elimination. Despite this, Blast was a good first step for the org due to the two key questions which were answered: how is autimatic performing after his time in Valorant and can Stewie cut it as a full time IGL? 

The answer to the first question was clear, Tim is looking considerably better than he was when he left CS. The 2018 Major winner finished the event as the highest rating player on the team, being the only one beside RUSH with a positive rating (1.03 and 1.01 respectively). So the two more questionable additions haven’t been a problem, so was it Stewie?

No. Stewie played as he’s done for a long time. Aggressive, unpredictable and calling exactly around that style. EG were trying some very interesting plans, but it mostly fell flat because the pre-existing pieces in EG really underperformed. Cerq had his moments with the AWP but looked subpar throughout the entire tournament and Brehze was missing completely. So, what can EG do?

There are obviously problems caused by the performance of these two players, but it is still fair to assume that the future will be better for Evil Geniuses and they have the potential to be as good or better than Team Liquid. Their most unpredictable and risky pickups in Rush and autimatic seem to have paid off big time, Stewie seems like his old self so now the team just needs time to get Cerq and Brehze into comfortable positions in order to allow them to shine. 

This long break between the Blast tournament and EPL will give the team a lot of practice and time with each other which should fix a lot of the problems, especially as the players become more familiar with one another and with Stewie’s calling. Everyone knows what Cerq and Brehze are capable of, they just need to get back to their form. 

If these points fall into place and the three new players continue performing as they did, EG will be a team to fear internationally and might cause some big damage in EPL S15. The tournament begins on the 9th of March with Evil Geniuses’ first game being against Astralis on the 30th of March. Let’s see what they can do then.