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FaZe Clan Stands Tall At The PGL Major

The PGL Antwerp Major housed a battle of giants. Two lumbering legends of modern-day Counter-Strike paired off in one of the most explosive finals in esports memory. FaZe Clan and NAVI were untouchable throughout the event, however, only one of them could walk away crowned champion. And in two nail-bitingly close maps, FaZe Clan stood tall at the PGL Antwerp Major.

General eyes will drift when skimming the statistics for this match towards Helvijs ‘broky’ Saukants. Dropping 53 kills, a +16 kill to death ratio, 79.8 average damage done per round (ADR) and a 1.28 HLTV.org rating, he did have a phenomenal Major final. However, Håvard ‘rain’ Nygaard stole the show for FaZe Clan. With 52 of his own kills across the 2 maps, a +12 kill to death spread, a staggering 107.9 ADR, and a jaw-dropping 1.49 HLTV rating, it was clear who the MVP should be.

And that might have sounded strange after Inferno.

Rounding out the map win with 16 kills, a -2 spread, and 89.9 ADR things weren’t bad for rain, but to claim that he could be a clear cut MVP vote? That’s more difficult to claim. But it was his first kills that began to separate him from his peers. With a shocking 8 first kills, rain was incredibly active early in the lion’s share of the rounds. 

This reached a fever pitch on Nuke where he lit up the scoreboard with 30 kills, a +14 kill to death differential, an astounding ADR of 132.1, and another 8 first kills resulting in a 1.85 HLTV.org rating.

Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev may be the greatest Counter-Strike player to touch the game, but when you have someone in this kind of form, even the GOAT looks quiet. 

And that’s not to say NAVI didn’t have their moments in the sun. 

Both Valeriy ‘b1t’ Vakhovskiy and Ilya ‘Perfecto’ Zalutskiy had a fantastic final performance. Perfecto ended the series with 29 kills, a +8 spread, 81.2 ADR and a 1.26 HLTV rating while b1t led the team with 26 kills, a +7 spread 83.5 ADR and a 1.27 rating.  

With the PGL Antwerp Major under the belt, the ESL Pro League Season 15 trophy in their case, and the IEM Masters Katowice badge on their sash, what’s left to prove? 

Is FaZe Clan the next winners of the Intel Grand Slam? With 2 wins on the board, they’re halfway there and look to be in championship form. 

Can NAVI bounce back to topple them come the Autumn Major? 

Can anyone stop rain when it comes to IEM Dallas or Cologne? 

2022 may be the year of FaZe.

Images via Valve