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Fly’s Favorite 3 Heroes

Evil Geniuses’ Support and Captain Tal “Fly” Aizik is not someone lacking in any sort of experience. Originally competing in Heroes of Newerth in the early 2010s, Fly has had a career filled with strong play and success at some of the biggest tournaments in the world. As one of the first two players to win four Valve-sponsored events, Fly knows how to win. His long tenure in the game has allowed him to become one of the most valuable leaders in the game’s history—someone that has created multiple championship winning rosters. His knowledge, creativity, and ability to communicate give him all the tools to lead a team well. That is not to say that he’s carried by his leadership either. He is still a talented Support player that has had numerous innovations in the position—being one of the defining players on several different Heroes in Dota 2. While he has done this with a multitude of characters, three stand out as the most iconic. Here are Fly’s three most iconic Heroes.

Dazzle, the Shadow Priest

It can honestly be shocking what Fly is able to accomplish while playing Dazzle. The level of impact he can have on the Shadow Priest sometimes doesn’t seem like it should be possible for a Support player. On more than one occasion, he has single handedly kept his team in games. He is an expert laner with Dazzle—frequently shutting down enemies, preventing them from ever having a chance to get ahead. Additionally, Fly makes sure to take advantage of Dazzle’s versatility—many times shifting his playstyle and role within the roster dynamic to put his team in the best position to win. Because of his fantastic positioning, he is able to take on dangerous situations without ever really being caught out. A great Hero for him to demonstrate his skillset with. 

Rylai, the Crystal Maiden

Few things are as reliable as Crystal Maiden as a Support. One of the only things up there is Fly on Crystal Maiden. One of his most frequent picks, Fly is a master of Rylai. Although quite a simple character, Fly makes sure to use all tools at her disposal to make her as effective as possible. His laning is fantastic—capable of shutting down the enemy. The way he navigates fights is equally as impressive—with strong positioning and understanding of Crystal Maiden’s spells to cause as much havoc as possible. Despite the vulnerability of Crystal Maiden throughout most phases of the game, Fly is experienced enough to never put himself in situations that would be reckless. Sometimes simple is the best.


Few players are as exceptional with the bird as Fly is. While Phoenix can in many instances be a glass cannon—a very high risk, high reward character—Fly has the confidence and skill to make it work. Because of his strong positioning, Phoenix’s safety isn’t as much of a concern. At the same time, Fly’s brilliant decision making means the safety of whatever enemy team has to face him will have a lot to be concerned about. Fly and Phoenix—a dangerous combination indeed. 

Images via EG Twitter

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