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Has Autimatic’s Return To Counter-Strike Been Successful?

The North American VALORANT world was alright when it was announced that veteran Counter-Strike star Timothy “autimatic” Ta would be joining T1 for their 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour bid. While his stay with Riot Games’ newest tactical FPS would be short-lived, many were concerned where the former Cloud9 star would land next–however Evil Geniuses would tap autimatic as an integral member of their 2022 rebuild. That begs the question; has his sabbatical caused any deterioration or has the star returned in prime form? 

While Evil Geniuses roster only has some small data points to pull from the results are impressive when zooming in on autimatic’s performances in particular when view through a historical lens. Their debut as a team came just recently at the BLAST Premier Spring group stage where their results were less than stellar. 

Starting off, autimatic failed to connect in Evil Geniuses’ loss to Team Vitality. Landing only 7 kills and just barely over 50 average damage done per round (ADR), the team overall failed to start. Past that some grace should be given due to the best-of-one nature that BLAST events tend to operate with. 

Autimatic’s following match against Team Liquid saw the team, as a whole, perform better, but his individual performance still needed time to connect. Through Evil Geniuses’ 17-19 loss on Inferno, autimatic managed 18 kills, 59.4 ADR and neared a 0.80 HLTV rating. Things didn’t look good for the returning star, but given a different format and enough timber to stoke the flames, autimatic found his footing. 

During a three map slog against BIG, autimatic dropped 67 kills, a +11 kill to death ratio, 91.9 ADR, a 73.1% KAST, and a 1.27 rating and earned himself player of the match per HLTV.org. Again given such a small sample size, it doesn’t seem fair to place a ton of confidence or weight on these recent performances, especially given how new the team is, but looking at autimatic’s numbers prior to his exodus to VALORANT could provide a needed baseline to compare to in the coming months. 

According to HLTV.org, within the 6-month window, autimatic average had a 1.03 rating, 0.69 kills per round (KRP), 0.73 deaths per round (DPR), and a 77.2 ADR. This should represent the average of his time with Evil Geniuses thus far in 2022. However, if we look back at his 2020 bid alongside the likes of Gen.G Esports, we see an interesting trend. Throughout autimatic’s 2020 season, he averaged a 1.07 rating, managed 0.69 kills per round, 0.64 deaths per round, and had an 71.6 ADR. Prior to that, in 2019 autimatic still maintained similar statistics. Throughout 2019, autimatic held a 1.08 rating, 0.72 kills per round, 0.67 deaths per round and held a 77.2 ADR for the year. 

This places autimatic on track to perform up to and even surpass his average, with familiar teammates like Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip and William “RUSH” Wierzba, this shouldn’t be too tall of a task for the North American star. The fact of the matter is this; Evil Geniuses need more reps before we can make a clear and final judgement about autimatic’s stint in VALORANT with T1. However, with all these things considered, he and Evil Geniuses have a bright future ahead of them in 2022. 

Images via Valve and Riot Games