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Henry aka Rawdota accused of racism towards Peruvians

Smack dab in the middle of Dota Pro Circuit competition, Dota 2 player and coach Henry of Rawdota has come to attention, after making statements deemed by many in the community to be racist and insensitive to Peruvians on a Twitch stream — comments centered around those players in Dota 2. During a stream, Henry stated: “No, the problem is Peruvians have an extremely poor education and like a low average IQ and a very ignorant culture. And those three things combine for, really, just poor ability to critically think. It’s not a Dota problem. It is what it is. I think the average IQ in Peru is something like 85.” Henry went on to complain about how Peruvian Dota players have damaged the Dota scene. 

Comments on Reddit and Twitter painted a broad brush of opinions. Some found the comments, while insensitive, to be still understandable considering the perceived toxic nature of some Peruvian players. Others found the statements to be worthy of a Twitch ban, stating if the comments had been named about another group, he surely would have been punished. 

Henry is a popular content creator, with his Rawdota YouTube and Twitch channels both having tens of thousands of followers. Most of his videos center around educational videos — many of them him coaching a student in the game— with his Patreon stating, “Tired of bullsh*t Dota 2 channels? The repetitive, useless, constant advice of ‘farm more’ and ‘buy better items’? Me too, that’s why I made Rawdota, 4 years ago. To talk about how to play consciously, practice with purpose, and create concepts that apply to every hero and every game.” He has been a quite controversial person in Dota 2 — in the past, he has been accused of toxicity, account buying, and throwing games.