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Hottest CS:GO tournaments you need to know

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is among the most thrilling first-person shooter games. It started as a mid-2000s PC game that aims to give players a realistic feel in FPS games while taking an explored concept and making it something fresh for the players. 

Today, Counter-Strike has become an upgraded version of itself through CS:GO. The best part about it is that you can watch some of its most amazing esports tournaments live. 

However, there are simply a lot of tournaments to go through which can confuse you about where to start. To help you, here are some of the hottest tournaments in CS:GO and why you should start paying closer attention to them.

CS:GO Major Championship

The Major Championship is among the most popular and biggest CSGO tournaments. In 2013, it was held for the first time in Sweden. This event always had a substantial prize pool, and the total now exceeds $2 million.

This year’s event has 24 teams from across the globe. This event is widely regarded as one of the most significant in the esports arena. Astralis is the current CS:GO champion and the most successful team in the game’s history. Most bettors have a high degree of confidence in their favoured teams in the Majors, like FaZe Clan and Evil Geniuses.

European Championship 

There are 16 teams competing in the European Championship, which is contested in Europe. Each of the three winning teams receives $17,500, the second-place team receives $7,500, and the third-place team receives $2,500 in prize money.

To participate in this event, teams must be invited and play in a double-elimination group-round format. Teams who finish first and second in their respective groups proceed to the playoffs, where they play individual elimination games across three games.

Intel Extreme Masters

Several sports events are part of the International Equestrian Games. Organisers Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Intel are working together to make these tournaments a reality. CS:GO and Starcraft II tournaments conduct these events. The total prize money is around $1 million.

During the regular season, this competition takes place in several nations, including the United States, Australia, and China, with the finals taking place in Warsaw.

After the season, the greatest teams from all around the world participate in the IEM World Championship. Both in terms of prize money and number of people watching, this is unquestionably the largest CS:GO event to date.

CS:GO S-Tier Tournaments

These tournaments used to be Premier tournaments until they became S-Tier events. These competitions take place all around the globe, from Europe to North America to Asia and Australia. Thus, the finest CS: GO players from all over the world participate. 

Aside from the large sums of money at stake, the most prestigious CSGO esports tournaments are notable for the quality of the teams taking part as well as the sheer number of people who show out to compete for those prizes. 2022 saw some of the most lucrative S-Tier events in terms of monetary awards, including:

  • ESL: One Rio 2022 – $ 2,000,000 cash prize
  • ESL: One Cologne 2022 – $ 2,000,000 cash prize
  • Flashpoint Season 1 & 2 – $ 1,000,000 cash prize per season
  • World Electronic Sports Games – $ 1,000,000 cash prize
  • ESL Pro League – $ 750,000 cash prize

CS:GO A-Tier Tournaments

CS:GO’s A-Tier events were formerly referred to as ‘Major Tournaments’. These events have significant prize pools, although not as much as the Major Championships and the S-Tier Events. 

However, there are still some of the best teams in the A-Tier divisions. Regional Major Ranking tournaments, such as the CS:GO Minor Championships, are the most well-known

These competitions take place in the following regions:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • China
  • Middle East

CS:GO B-Tier Tournaments

The minor scales are contested in the B-Tier competitions. Top-tier, two-team LAN, and online competitions are available. 

For teams that wish to participate in the CS:GO Major Championships, there are unique Regional Major Ranking tournaments as qualifiers. These competitions may award anything from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

Most of these events are hosted online rather than on a local area network (LAN). All across the globe, competitions are held in countries such as Europe, Asia, and Australia. Despite the absence of top-tier teams competing in Major events and championships, the esports players participating in B-Tier events show no shortage of activity and expertise.

CS:GO C-Tier Tournaments

As they were once referred to as ‘Minor Tournaments’, these events don’t draw a large crowd. Sponsors will not invest in tournaments if the audience does not participate. 

To make up for this, the prize pools for C-Tier events are less enticing than those for the events above. No top-tier teams are competing in these events, hence the prize pool money is less.

The amount of money awarded here varies from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars. This is because most of these events take place online, making it easy to locate them anywhere in the world, from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Middle East, as well as Australia. 

If you are a casual CS:GO player wishing to step up your skill set, these tournaments may be just what you’re looking for.

Why betting on CS:GO tournaments is a wise decision 

If you are an esports punter, then you should widely consider betting on the different tournaments that are available. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should begin your CS:GO tournaments betting right now: 

It’s a popular game 

CS:GO is among the top echelon of first-person shooters. You can also bank on the fact that it is one of the first realistic shooters that ever existed until a lot more came into its own competitive sphere. 

Right now, it’s increasing in volumes of players and you can start betting on the best tournaments easily because it is a globally recognised game. 

It has one of the most competitive esports scenes in the world 

CS:GO has some of the best players under its name. This means that your betting experience will be a lot more competitive and fun because you won’t know who’ll win. This provides you with the potential to have some of the most shocking experiences in a way that will get you to guess who the best teams really are. 

Join the fun with CS:GO esports betting scene

If you love to watch the best CS:GO esports teams perform in a larger-to-life setting, then these amazing tournaments will satisfy those needs. The top tournaments are also where the best players battle it out. So, don’t miss your chance to witness history unfold right before your very eyes. 

Aside from watching your favourite teams play, you can also cheer and support them through Bitcasino CSGO esports betting. Keep an eye out and grab your chance to place your bets on the upcoming CS:GO tournaments.  

Words by: Vonn Consul