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How are the Levadia eLions doing in the CS:GO esports scene?

The Levadia eLions is a young Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team but they have shown solid potential to become one of the best in the esports scene. The current Levadia roster is still new to the organisation which means that you can expect this team to be eager to compete. They previously fielded a roster that dominated the Estonian scene but with this current squad, you can expect them to do the same and even compete at the international level. 

The CS:GO scene is one of the most competitive circuits in all of esports. However, fledgling teams like Levadia come up every once in a while and surprise the rest. Of course, the eLions have not reached that level just yet but they have the potential to do so because of their players. 

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Levadia’s players are highly-skilled

With the team that Levadia has fielded, they are one of the highest-skilled players in Estonia. Here is the roster under Levadia coach Hannes ‘lenz’ Stalde:

  • Andreas ‘aNdu’ Maasing – rifler
  • Andre ‘Blacc’ Lepik – rifler/AWPer
  • Gert ‘klyrO’ Truupõld – rifler 
  • Kaarel ‘RSK’ Kell – rifler/AWPer
  • Karl-Hendrik ‘tsutskam’ Palu – rifler

The team is filled with pub stars

Levadia’s players are always performing in the public matchmaking scene. The esports world is always filled with talented players but there are a few that stand out when it comes to the public matches. With CS:GO’s main public matchmaking system coming in the form of its Competitive mode and a third-party app like the FACEIT Pro League, Levadia’s players have shone there too. 

Being a ‘pub star’ has grown from being a negative term in the past. It was used before to signify the players who were only good at public games. However, as time went on, people started to realise that being a pub star is good. 

They showcase Estonia’s potential in CS:GO

Levadia is at the forefront of the rest of the Estonian CS scene as they are skilled and they exemplify the Estonian playstyle of controlled aggression. 

Every dedicated CS:GO esports fan knows that ropz is one of the most composed players in the circuit. He is not the only Estonian to have that kind of playstyle because most of the country’s CS players are well known for having that approach.

Levadia is in the top 240 teams in the world

While some people will wonder why being in the top 240 should be an accolade, they should know how deep CS:GO’s esports scene is.

Being part of the top 240 teams means a great deal for Levadia because it proves that they are working hard to reach the same level as the best teams in the world. Since they are just a fresh face in the competitive scene, seeing that they are considered a strong team is an achievement on its own. 

They are an individually-skilled team

Most people know that ropz and Estonia have untapped potential. Players who can become stars on their own and Levadia has shown the country’s potential at producing top-tier players. You can see how Estonia will keep cementing themselves at the top of European CS.

Performing in Estonia has given them confidence

They are a strong team when it comes to their home country and when they play against international competitors, you should expect solid success. For opponents, they are a hard team to gauge because they have skilled players and tactics that can outdo them because of lenz as the coach. 

The eLions have played well against Estonian teams which has given them the confidence to pull it off against other opponents in Europe. When you are watching Levadia, you should expect that they will be confident considering they are filled with young stars who are eager to perform.

Levadia can keep up with international teams

With how they are performing at the international level, you should expect that Levadia will most likely be a contender in the European ranks. In the short time that they have been a team, this eLions squad has proven that they can perform at a world-class level. It’s hard to reach considering that Levadia is not as well known as the other organisations in the European region of CS:GO esports.

Estonia is a prolific CS:GO country

When you look at the history of Estonian CS:GO, you will realise that ropz is not the only star player from there. The former players from the first iteration of Levadia and the current crop of players are great examples of phenomenal talents from the country. 

They have a stable presence up top with Blacc and coach lenz and they are surrounded by eager players who want to be superstars for their team. This is a good model to follow in esports as this has resulted in success in multiple games like CS:GO and Dota 2 with the current OG squad over there. 

Coach lenz is important to Levadia’s success

Lenz serving as the eLions’ coach has been crucial ever since he joined the team in 2021. Any Estonian squad will improve with lenz as the coach because he is an innovative tactician. When you look at their gameplay, you can see his strategies all over their playbook.

They know how to play the default tactics like any CS:GO professional but lenz’s tactics can be seen when they execute them. An example of this is when they play on Mirage, they like to be aggressive with RSK and tsutskam on the catwalk area and they peek at opposite angles to cover everything.

CS:GO can grow further with thriving underdogs 

With how CS:GO has grown since its release in 2012, you can tell that certain countries were energised when they saw the game. Sweden was always going to be a top country but Denmark managed to become one of the biggest countries as well. They were not as strong as Sweden in the past but CS:GO opened up the door of opportunity for them. 

Almost every year, you can see underdogs thriving in the CS:GO scene. This is healthy for the industry because you can expect that more fans will be drawn to the game and they will be endeared to these underdogs.

Levadia is a young and confident team

Levadia can shock the world as the new underdogs on the scene and prove that Estonia is one of the best countries in the CS:GO world. Since they are mostly composed of younger players, you can expect that they will be more confident than your usual CS:GO pro player. 

Confidence is crucial to any kind of success because if they trust in their abilities to perform, you can expect that more success will follow. CS:GO is not a game made for lowkey players because you need to be confident to take aim duels and trade battles to win the round for your team. Levadia is a great team to watch out for since they are filled with outstanding talent and passion for competitions.

Levadia will continue to grow and thrive

Levadia eLions are one of the most promising CS:GO teams in the world at the moment. ANdu and RSK will be the stars to look forward to, especially since they want to represent Levadia at CSGO’s top tier.

They will surely improve with time and with lenz and Blacc at the helm of this team, you can expect that Estonia will have more representatives other than ropz soon. It will be a process but with the skills that Levadia’s team has shown, it will only be a matter of time. If you’re looking for a dark horse pick for your Bitcasino esports betting, it’s the right move to bet on Levadia eLions. 

Words by: Cholo Martin