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How To Climb On VALORANT’s Newest Map Fracture?

VALORANT’s newest map Fracture has had everyone’s heads spinning. With the defenders spawning in the centre of the map and the attackers playing from lanes situated at the top and bottom of the map, Fracture boasts some unique gameplay separated from other maps in VALORANT’s rotation. Check this guide out before Fracture hits returns to the ranked ladder later!


First things first, due to how open the map is and the current state of the metagame — Viper is going to be an interesting choice to have on your team. With no skybox for the majority of positions on the map, Sova, Skye, and other agents with long range projectiles will have some strong set plays. Breach should also be considered specifically for his utility on defence. With the way the map geometry is laid out, Breach should have strong Fault Line angles as well as a myriad of options for his Flashpoint. 


Making a play through A-Drop is going to be risky–but it may be worth it after all. Packing a strong entry presence like a flash-and-dash or a Raze with great mobility could alleviate the poor sightlines. If you can control it–this does give you some sense of high ground and a strong post-plant anchor point.

A-Hall is going to be a strong default lane. Not only do you have immediate access to the spike site, but you also have the option of forking your attack through A-Door. This creates a natural crossfire when attacking the site while also opening up the option of playing through the middle of the map. With how flexible this option is, expect some resistance from A-Rope.

However, B-Site is where you’re going to want to set your focus. The first selling point is how many different avenues of attack there are leading into the site. With the B-Tunnel connecting the two major pathways, this gives a strong lurk option while also being able to rotate fairly safely if the initial push goes sideways.

Imagine your Jett gets picked by a defender hanging around B-Tower. Tunnels not only give you a strong threat to cross the map and play for an A take but that in tandem gives you opportunities to draw resources in an attempt to scout what exactly is going on. The last cherry on top is the cover you gain while both planting the spike. 

This natural little cubby can be viewed as the primary location for the spike on B-Site. View this like Icebox’s B-Site and the natural architecture that you can create with something like Sage’s Icewall or Viper’s Toxic Screen. And much like when Icebox first got introduced into the map pool, we suspect that this plant location is going to be incredibly popular. 

Past how to directly attack the sites, don’t discount the zip lines underneath the middle of the map. Doubling back and changing the direction of your attack will catch people


The name of the game on Defence is “the sites are lava”. If you’re pinched on a spike site with the attacking team blitzing in, you have two options; either play for the retake or pray. 

Control areas A-Dish and A-Rope are going to give you the information leverage allowing you to have a better chance at catching the attack before they arrive on the site. Inversely on the opposite side of the map positions like B-Arcade, B-Tower and B-Tree are going to be defensive staples. 

Fracture also is going to make the possibility of a “floater” really lucrative. Having someone like Breach or a Sentinel monitoring the map state and rotating through the centre of the map will be a change of pace but something that you’re going to want to consider. 

Both the top and bottom lanes of the map are strong positions for long-range weapons like the Operator and the Marshal. Definitely consider taking the latter after winning either of the pistol rounds and we don’t think we’ll have to tell you to take the Operator on defence. 

Fracture is a unique map, but don’t let its odd spawn locations and ziplines dissuade you. Remember to incorporate its signature features and you’ll be back to climbing in no time!

Images via Riot Games

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